CSUC12 Video Spotlight: Cascade Server Roadmap

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 at 11:00am -- Kat Liendgens

Many people have asked us over the years why we make our conference videos, especially the ones that reveal our product roadmap, so freely available to everyone, including our competitors. The reason is simple: we believe in openness and transparency, and our core values are a top priority for us. Furthermore, it is our goal to drive the CMS world forward, so we focus all of our efforts and energy on our own products.

One of most highly anticipated presentations at our user conference continues to be our roadmap discussion. Our customers are always eager to find out what’s next for Cascade Server. How many ideas from our Idea Exchange are making their way into the product? How are we addressing emerging trends in higher education and in the CMS world?

Our VP of Engineering, Bradley Wagner, is a veteran when it comes to presenting our roadmap at the user conference, and he never disappoints. Watch a recording of his talk, in which he busts CMS myths and discusses how the roles and expectations of content management systems have evolved dramatically over the years.

With the release of Cascade Server 7.0, we satisfied over 400 votes from our idea exchange. As Bradley points out, some of the themes in this release and upcoming releases include content portability, performance, modules, and end-user usability. With the introduction of Cascade Server 7.0  (and beyond) + Spectate, we took content management a step further by allowing users to augment their content strategy and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. Bradley sums it up nicely when he points out that “Everybody is a marketer”. Content is your most valuable resource, so make sure you promote it effectively and use meaningful metrics to determine what works and what doesn’t. In addition to addressing the trend of content marketing, we also focus on engagement levels and mobile usage in both current and upcoming releases.

Are you intrigued yet?

If you need further convincing to check out Bradley’s presentation, here are a few tweets from the audience:

Cascade Roadmap Tweet 1

Cascade Roadmap Tweet 2

Cascade Roadmap Tweet 3

Cascade Roadmap Tweet 4

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