Need User Info? Use Forms!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 at 12:15pm -- Caitlin vonHedemann

Is that really all it takes? Just serve up a form on a web page and BOOM! Relevant User Information?

Yes, my friends, it is that easy! Well...sorta.

Just tossing any old form onto a web page to collect visitor information is one way to go, sure.  But what is greater is optimizing that form for your audience, for its intended purpose, and for the style of your website.

There are plenty of reasons under the sun to implement a form on your website.  Event sign-ups, information requests, a suggestion box; each form is an opportunity for your organization to learn something about your users.  For Higher Ed, the more you know about your students or prospective students, the better you are able to meet their needs. Forms can be a crucial and standard method for getting better information easily.

Spectate, Hannon Hill’s own marketing tool that integrates a Forms module, is hosting a webinar this Wednesday (Tomorrow!), September 12th at 2pm EDT, where we will talk all about forms.  Topics covered will include 

  • Form uses, looking at many examples;
  • Form styles, taking a look at what you can do with your form that will entice your visitors to act; and
  • Form functions within the Spectate application.

If you’re a user of Spectate, spectacular!  This webinar will surely make you confident in when to leverage the Forms tool and how to use it. 

If not, there will still be plenty here for you to learn.  There are a number of form builder tools out there that you may already integrate into your workflows.  Learn more about how to leverage them more effectively.  

So sign up now! Join Spectate (and me! Your author!) on Wednesday, September 12th at 2pm EDT to form a new opinion on Forms. (Oh, I crack myself up.)

See you online.

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