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Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 10:00am -- Ali Kimm

Congratulations to all of the 2012 Cassies nominees!

The Hannon Hill Team would like to thank everyone who sent in nominations for this year’s Cassies. We are excited to announce the winners at our 7th Annual Cascade Server User Conference. In order for this to happen, we need all of you to cast your votes for this year’s winners by Friday, August 17th. You don't have to be attending the User Conference to vote. The official list of categories and nominees is below.

  1. Early Adopter: What organization has adopted a new Cascade Server feature early on and helped spread the word to others?
    • United States Naval Academy for going live with Cascade 7.0 on May 10th (just 2 days after its release)
    • Southern Illinois University, Carbondale for going live with Cascade 7 almost immediately and fully utilizing HTML5.
    • University of California, Santa Cruz for their early use of the twitter module in Cascade Server 7.0
    • Sarah Lawrence College for embracing Spectate and using three accounts
    • Pima Community College for being the first to use the Luminis to Cascade Server migration tool
  2. Lightning Bolt: Which new customer since the #CSUC11 has been the quickest to roll out a new site using Cascade Server?
    • Jacksonville State University for migrating all content, training all users and rolling out a new live site within 6 months of the conference
    • Indiana University, Kokomo for rolling out 5 sites in the last year with only two full-time developers and two student workers. An infographic of their accomplishments can be seen here:
    • Sierra College for rolling out Cascade Server just in time even though they were under an extremely tight timeframe to get their new adaptive design up and running
    • Lindenwood University for their extremely quick launch considering that they had only one developer working on the site--Jason Waack
  3. Customer MVP: Which Cascade Server customer has been the most helpful to other customers on the listserv, support site, social media, etc?
    • Jason Aller is an experienced Cascade Server vet who is always ready to lend a hand via the highedweb listserv.
    • University of California, San Diego for allowing the United States Naval Academy to crib huge portions of their user help section for their own user documentation.
    • Winston Churchill-Joell for always being the first to respond to other client questions
  4. Best New Site: Which customer rolled out the best new site since #CSUC11?
    • Emory's News Center - In 2012, Emory launched a news center that includes a unique tagging system, content syndication, many different page types and outputs for different stories and different audiences. In the first few months of the site going live, traffic increased over 30%.
    • Jacksonville State University - JSU makes good use of formats and index blocks with the homepage - news and events are all added from the news article data definition with a check box. It also has a format making a sortable table for the scholarship listing that creates an anchor to another page with the description of the scholarship and with a check box can turn on or off the application and automatically change other aspects of the page
    • College of William & Mary - For their new responsive design homepage.
    • Sierra College - For their new adaptive design site.
  5. Most Creative Use of Cascade Server: What is the most innovative thing that a client has implemented this year using Cascade Server?
    • Indiana University Kokomo - Ed Ventura and the web team at Indiana University Kokomo used Cascade Server to create digital signs across campus. They published the signs as web pages and, since their users already use Cascade Server to manage their sub-sites, no extra training was needed. A live shot of IUK's digital signage can be seen here:
    • Southern Utah University - For their new responsive and flexible site layout, which they just finished working on with the Hannon Hill Services team.
    • Emory's News Center - In 2012, Emory launched a news center that includes a unique tagging system, content syndication, many different page types and outputs for different stories and different audiences. In the first few months of the site going live, traffic increased over 30%.
    • University of California, Office of the President - For its creative use of data definitions
  6. Head of the Class: Which new Cascade Server client has been the quickest in getting up to speed in learning and using Cascade Server?
    • Corey Mahoney from University of California, Office of the President - Although Corey will be using Cascade Server in mostly an end-user capacity, she participated in the full two-day training. She was very active in asking questions and now has a strong grasp of Cascade Server functionality and terminology. She has become a valuable resource for UCOP in bridging the gap between technical implementation team and end-user requirements.
    • Jay Morris from Nova Southeastern University - Jay will be a technical user within Cascade Server and participated in the two-day Cascade Server bootcamp. Within the month, he had built out page types that would normally be covered in the QuickStart. He has implemented complex data structures and navigation systems with minimal additional help from the Hannon Hill team.
    • Wing Ming at SUNY Upstate Medical University - Wing had a thorough grasp of XSLT before Suny Upstate began using Cascade Server. He did a lot of research using Hannon Hill's online resources prior to the training. In doing so, Wing was able to customize the training agenda to focus more on custom topics. Although he has a great understanding of XSLT, he has even begun learning Velocity so that he can implement whichever is best for the Suny Upstate use-case he is working on.
  7. Best Implementation of Responsive/Adaptive Design: Which client has launched the best new site using Cascade Server and the principles of responsive or adaptive web design?
    • University of California, Office of the President
    • Southern Utah University
    • University of California, San Diego
    • College of William & Mary
    • Chapman University
    • Washburn University
    • Sierra College
  8. Hannon Hill MVP: Which Hannon Hill team member has been the most helpful answering your questions, participating on the support forum, engaging on social media, and providing ridiculously good customer service?
    • Joel Dixon - Cascade Server is a great product. But to make every great product truly successful, you have to have a great team. Hannon Hill has a great team and one outstanding member of that team is Joel Dixon. I always enjoy my regular chats with Joel. Always knowledgeable and helpful, Joel genuinely cares about the success of every client he works with. Joel's enthusiasm and passion for great work is inspiring.
    • Charlie Holder - Always around Social Media and support forums offering great tips and advice. Charlie is fantastic at helping support Cascade and promote new ways of using it to the community. Charlie Holder should be Employee of the Year, hands down.
    • Penny Harding - She is always there to answer any question I have quickly. No matter how silly the question.
    • Bradley Wagner - Although he is now Vice President of Engineering, he has spent a lot of time on the phone supporting clients
    • Nadira Yasmeen - Nadira goes above and beyond on every client project and shows complete professionalism when working directly with Cascade Server clients.
    • Ryan Griffith - Ryan just joined the Hannon Hill team a couple months ago, but he has been a huge help to many Cascade Server clients already.
  9. Biggest Fan of Cascade:Which individual client loves Cascade Server so much they've tried to get their mother to buy it? In other words, who is our biggest customer advocate?
    • Graham Lewis - Graham is a big cheerleader for the product and helping to refine issues with the product.
    • Alvin Chao - always gives us great feedback on the product
    • Karmon Runquist - Always happy to provide feedback and huge advocate for Cascade!
    • Susan Bustetter from Evergreen State College - for being available to answer prospect questions during recent conferences and being a huge supporter of Cascade Server.

Who will the winners be? Come to this year's Cascade Server User Conference in September to find out! Registration is open until Friday, August 31st.

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