Welcome to Cascade Server

"One thing that I really appreciate about Hannon Hill, is how they treat each customer as if they were their most important customer, and are quick to respond to concerns or feedback."
Nate Tanner
University of Utah Medical Center
"I tell everyone great things about the system and about the amazing customer service you guys have provided."
Casey Paquet
Eckerd College

Unrivaled Customer Service and Support

At Hannon Hill, we pride ourselves in providing unparalleled, top-notch customer service. We won't restrict your support contacts. Contact us as much as you want, any time you want. In addition to our regular technical support, we have many more resources designed specifically for our customers. Check out the help forum, where customers can post questions and interact with other clients or with Cascade Server team members, from our product engineers, to our services developers, to our support staff.

Plus, every Tuesday we now offer a Webinar showcasing unsung customer heroes, new tips and tricks within Cascade Server, and general implementation ideas. Check out our previous webinars! In addition to the modules that come with our default database, we also make a lot of our code available in our GITHUB repository, so that you can have free access to web services projects, migration tools, and other fully functional use cases that you want to integrate and implement on your own site.

Our Services team works closely with you, crafting an effective implementation of your site into the system that not only welcomes you into the Cascade Server family, but gives you a taste of the hands-on customer service and support we provide. We want to make sure that your site is up and running quickly in Cascade Server. We're always available for custom projects, no matter how simple or complex. We also provide customizable consulting and training sessions.

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Extensive and Active User Community

For years, we have been providing free training webinars to our customers, which have been tremendously successful. But did you know that our clients have been presenting their own webinars as well? Our Cascade Server community has been growing steadily over the past ten years, and each year, our clients come up with new ideas to share their code, their ideas, and their creative uses of the system. For instance, there are user groups in various parts of the country, a highed listserv, and, of course, our idea exchange and help forum. 

If you would ever like to speak to one of our clients to see how they engage in our community, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with them. 

Total Flexibility

Cascade Server currently powers several thousand unique websites. Whether you require hosting services or you want to install the software in-house, whether you only have a few sites or several hundred, whether you have a limited number of users or thousands, whether you have a site import or a fresh start - Cascade Server can and will accommodate you. 

Cascade Server is completely database, operating system, and web server agnostic, so no matter what your technical environment looks like, you can fit it into your set-up. Check out our Agility Page and our Extensibility Page for more information. 

Comprehensive Toolkits for Developers and End Users

Cascade Server offers comprehensive toolkits for technical and non-technical users alike to ensure that developers are only limited by their imagination, content managers and marketers can effectively maintain standards and consistent branding, and that end users are empowered to manage their content quickly, efficiently and easily. 

Learn more about Cascade Server's Developer's Tookit and End User's Toolkit.

Developer's ToolkitEnd User's Toolkit