Integration & Migration from Luminis CMS

Currently, the Professional Services team is offering discounted pricing for users migrating from Luminis CMS to Cascade Server. Please contact our team if you have any questions or would like to get started.


  1. Free Integration and Migration Analysis and Quote
  2. Integration = 15 hours per page type
  3. Migration Pricing Options (includes QA and final migration report)
    • 100 Pages Migrated = $800
    • 250 Pages Migrated = $1500
    • 500 Pages Migrated = $2750
    • Custom Pricing can be provided for larger migrations

What's included?

1.  Free Integration and Migration analysis - What do you need?
The Professional Services team will determine how many page types will need to be integrated along with the exact number of pages to be migrated. An XML export of Luminis CMS content must be provided in order for the analysis to be performed.

2.  Integration - Why is this important?
Before any Migration takes place, it will be necessary to setup the required page types for content entry and capture within Cascade Server. The Professional Services team will verify that all page types within Cascade Server have a one-to-one match for content fields within Luminis CMS. This will ensure that when content is migrated, no content is lost.

3.  Migration - Your site is set up with all necessary page types and content fields. Now you just need your content.
The Professional Services team will migrate all of your content into Cascade Server from the Luminis CMS XML export. All links between pages in your site will be updated to trackable links within Cascade Server. Links to content that will remain outside of Cascade Server will be updated to reference the live web server. A report listing all pages that were migrated will be provided at the conclusion of the migration being performed.

If you would like to request more information, contact our team.