DevOps Engineer

Hannon Hill is seeking a generalist programmer who is looking to upskill in the DevOps and reliability engineering space to be our first full-time site reliability engineer. We would train you on what we have to do today and would pay for additional training for you to acquire the skills you need to excel in the role. Background: We are looking for someone to evaluate what we have, keep what’s working, and implement changes to what’s not. Hannon Hill has a variety of applications and services deployed across a mix of cloud infrastructure platforms including AWS, Heroku, and on-premise customer environments.


  • Maintain, own, and control costs of our AWS and Heroku infrastructure for all applications
  • Monitor applications for reliability, performance, software issues and uptime using various systems including CloudWatch, Heroku, Scalyr, Sentry, and Rigor
  • Own, maintain, and improve our CI and deployment process including Chef infrastructure and codebase
  • Accountable for:
    • Uptime and reliability of applications
    • Time to delivery/deployment for software including continuous integration and delivery
    • Hosting spend
  • Maintain our SLA of 99% uptime and improve to 3 “9’s": 99.9%
  • Automate and improvement performance of our continuous integration and deployment pipeline
  • Maintain and own the security of our applications and infrastructure including  overseeing 3rd-party audits of applications and infrastructure
  • Proactively improve our infrastructure, delivery and monitoring of applications to ensure excellent customer experiences
  • Provision all new resources for customer applications
  • Track and maintain annual hosting spend at 7-10% of recurring revenue
  • Investigate performance issues affecting our applications
  • Investigate production software issues in collaboration with product team’s software engineers
  • Ensure compatibility of applications with various software and server dependencies. We use a variety of application servers (Tomcat, Rack) and databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and FaunaDB)


  • Must have prior programming experience, some exposure to programmatic infrastructure and DevOps tools, and a solid background in programming principles
  • Working knowledge of cloud infrastructure services like AWS
  • Working knowledge or experience with Chef or equivalent programmatic configuration management tool
  • Working knowledge or experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment tools like Jenkins

Hannon Hill Corporation

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