Austin Bookhart

Software Engineer

What do you do for Hannon Hill?  

I am a Software Developer who works on Cascade CMS. I have the technical capabilities to work as a full-stack developer, but my passions lie with front-end development. 

Why do you work at Hannon Hill?  

For me it is pretty simple, it really comes down to the community. When a company actually cares about its employees and trusts them it creates a strong relationship. That has allowed us to produce a high quality of work.

Superpowers at work:  

Java, JSP, JS, CSS, Learning, Debugging

Superpowers outside of work:  

Patience, Supportive, Humble

Best advice you’ve ever received:  

I was told by my MMA coach to develop a Napoleon Complex. He didn't mean I should get defensive about everything, being short, but have a mind set that always tries to prove your worth and not get too big for your shoes. 

What do you do for fun?  

Video Games, Movies, Playing with my 3 dogs, and, even though it is my job, Programming

If you didn’t work in technology, what would you be doing?  

It is a strange passion, but I would more than likely be working with big construction equipment. I've always imagined myself working with one of the big cranes at a shipping dock. 

Favorite quote:  

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

- Abraham Lincoln