Kelly Truong

Lead Services Developer

What do you do for Hannon Hill?

I am responsible for integrating client sites into Cascade CMS, developing end-user environments, and devising logical, innovative, and customized solutions for our clients. I also provide quality assurance, ongoing support, and work on web services projects occasionally. When needed, I train clients and offer technical consultations.

Why do you work at Hannon Hill?

The results-driven environment and hip, relaxed culture lured me in, but the character and the work ethic of my teammates keep me here.

Superpowers at work:

Velocity, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP 

Superpowers outside of work:

I have no superpowers; but I do draw well, dance with rythym, and can do some funky yoga moves.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

Treat others as I'd like to be treated. Amazing how far I've gotten in life by abiding to this simple golden rule. 

What do you do for fun?

I play video games like Halo and COD. Also, I'm always trying new foods and planning new travels with friends. 

If you didn’t work in technology, what would you be doing?

I wouldn't mind be a world photographer, traveling and taking timeless photographs. However, owning a restaurant is a thought I've always entertained.

Favorite quote:

"Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed it could, and some man willed that it must." 

- Charles F. Kettering