Mike Strauch

Lead Product Engineer

What do you do for Hannon Hill?

I write the algorithm that does the work. More specifically, I do core product development on Cascade CMS and I am the Lead Product Engineer. That includes writing code, reviewing code, QAing new features and bug fixes, providing feedback on new UIs and prototypes, writing product documentation, and more.

Why do you work at Hannon Hill?

Freedom, small team atmosphere, lots of opportunities to learn and be involved in all parts of the application development process.  The people are great.  We’re not afraid to change our protocols and workflows in order to adapt to changing technologies and changing team composition.

Superpowers at work:

I have the ability to destroy bad code in all of its forms!

Superpowers outside of work:

I have the ability to look calm under any circumstance.

What do you do for fun?

Play music, rock climb, hike, bike, sing, run, cook, bake, play video games

If you didn’t work in technology, what would you be doing?

I would live out in the middle of nowhere with my dog and cat and we’d live off the lan’. There’d have to be a doctor and grocery store nearby, though. Those are important when you unsuccessfully try to live off the lan’. But really, though, I’d probably either be doing something music related (maybe studio musician?) or be an educator of some kind.

Favorite quote:

“Be excellent to each other.”

-Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure