5 Marketing Strategies That Will Generate Results in 2019

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By Angela Seckinger — Dec 13, 2018 11:00 AM



As 2019 approaches, your strategic planning should revolve around being more transparent and authentic to your target audience. When implemented, the following 5 strategies not only help your brand be more transparent and authentic, but will also generate positive results going forward.

Try Your Hand at Live Video

By now, you know the undeniable value of video marketing. There’s still a huge opportunity for growth in 2019 with video marketing, especially live video. Many leading social media outlets have really worked on making their live video options more and more robust to keep with trends.

With live video, your organization can be more transparent and authentic, which is important considering audiences typically perceive live video as unpracticed. Try testing “behind-the-scenes” live video programming such as production processes, preparations, and the things that happen “behind closed doors “ before the finished product or service is ready. Authenticity should be your goal as you figure out how to optimize videos for your business in 2019 and beyond.

Be Omnichannel Present

Start by getting creative at finding as many channels as possible to place content in front of your target audience. Then, be everywhere online and off that makes sense for your audience. More importantly, make sure that experience is consistent across all those channels. Today’s audience expects to be able to go from their social media experience with you, to your website, through their phone, and possibly even switching back to their desktop seamlessly, regardless of what channel they used to interact with you, and get the same experience. For example, greet them by name everywhere, present them with offers they haven’t already seen in each channel, make sure their profile includes all their latest activity, and anything else that makes their experience with you unique to them in all the channels where you are present. This approach is personal, intimate and will help your brand stand out in the ocean of “me too” competitors.

Prepare to Move from Search to Voice Search

In 2019, your marketing plan should include efforts to tailor your company’s SEO strategy to respond to voice search demands, such as those given to Siri or Alexa and other artificial intelligence platforms. Voice search already makes up 20% of all Google searches on mobile devices, and that is only expected to grow. To get started, change your content to be more conversational and try to target phrases that are more natural and longer as well. To increase the chances of your content showing up in voice search results and to help Google include your answers in it’s Knowledge Graph, be sure your sitelink and your rich snippet markups are also edited in a way that leans towards more natural language formats. Being included in Google’s Knowledge Graph will help your brand prepare for this search shift and be more visible to your audience.

Use a Chatbot

As prospects and customers are becoming more self-help in their behavior, utilizing chatbots for fast and easy communication can be a great opportunity to quickly improve response times, provide better customer engagement and satisfy your audience. Chatbots are always friendly and can be helpful when planned and supported accordingly. Although chatbot technology is still in its early stages, several are evolving and more sophisticated platforms are beginning to become available. To stay competitive in 2019, keep an eye on your chatbot customization options and be sure to test and use this cost-effective channel.

Increase Your Conversion Testing

Marketing is continuing to get more and more expensive and will only continue to do so over time. That is why you really need to increase your conversion testing efforts. By testing, you can improve your costs and revenue per transaction. To begin, use tools like Crazy Egg or Unbounce to test the elements you use to encourage visitors to convert. Try testing your landing pages, call to action elements, your campaign offers, the positioning and colors used on your pages and more. This will help squeeze more revenue from the existing traffic visiting your site.  Be sure to plan and schedule A/B tests regularly. In addition, think of ways you can increase the reach of your offers such as additional upsells, cross-sells, remarketing and other supporting marketing efforts. Soon, your testing efforts and the improvements generated from those results, will make your marketing efforts more cost-effective.

By implementing any, or all, of these 5 strategies, your brand can become more transparent and authentic to your audience, generate results and take your business to the next level in 2019.