Cascade CMS Chronicles: Features That Promote Accountability

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By First Last — Jun 6, 2018 11:00 AM

Cascade CMS Chronicles: Features that Promote Accountability

Cascade CMS has a sleek user-interface and easy-to-use tools that empower end-users to do what they do best; create fresh, error-free content. As important as this is, it is also critical to hold end-users accountable for their actions.

Cascade CMS offers features that not only help end-users improve the quality of the content they produce but also tracks their content’s performance based on page-level analytics. Here are three ways that Cascade CMS promotes accountability.

Content Quality Checks

In Cascade 8, we introduced Content Quality Checks. Content Quality Checks help end-users find and fix misspelled words, broken links, and accessibility violations.

Contributors are prompted to make necessary changes to content before pieces can move forward. This time-saving measure helps end-users improve their writing and allows copy-editors to focus on more important issues when reviewing content.

Asset Naming Rules

Asset Naming Rules were introduced in Cascade 8.7 to standardize how assets are named in the system. Consistent naming conventions make URLs more readable which can support your organization’s search engine optimization efforts.

In Cascade CMS, you can create rules that regulate capitalization, spacing, or both using this feature. In either case, must name assets that comply with your organization’s criteria before new assets are added to Cascade CMS.

Related Content Publishing

Cascade 8.9 added a new feature to help end-users stay on top of content updates. Related Content Publishing introduces new ways to publish related content based on changes to source Assets. Related Content Publishing eliminates the need for manual updates. This feature is especially useful to those managing event pages or calendars.

There are tons of other ways that Cascade CMS empowers end-users and keep them accountable, what’s your favorite? Share how you use Cascade CMS to hold end-users accountable below or tweet your story to us @hannon_hill.

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