Community Service Day: The Good Samaritan Urban Farm

By Ali Simmons — Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 at 11:00am
Community Service Day at the Good Samaritan Urban Farm

Creating change on a local level is important at any time, but feels especially poignant around the holidays. Since food is a large part of most holiday traditions, we decided that volunteering on an urban farm would be a great way to give back this season. The Good Samaritan Health Center, or Good Sam, provides a full circle of care to low income residents of Atlanta’s Bankhead neighborhood. Good Sam allows patients to receive medical, prenatal, psychological, and dental care in one stop. With the contributions of the Urban Farm, Good Sam can also provide low cost fresh produce in what is considered a “food desert’ with no grocery stores within a mile of most residents in the area.

Currently, residents in Buckhead, where Hannon Hill’s office is located, live thirteen years longer than the people that live in Bankhead.  The center’s main focus is closing that life expectancy gap through increasing access to fresh produce, decreasing costs of food and medical care, and educating their patients about healthier habits.

While we have volunteered at gardens that help people in the past, this was the first time that we got to see an almost immediate effect from our labor. The peppers we helped harvest that day would be put out at the produce stand next to the medical center that we could see across the parking lot. We saw Good Sam patients getting help they needed as we were weeding and spreading mulch. Our team allowed the farm to tackle a large project that would hopefully help the farm secure a grant the next day to provide funding for more employees and better equipment.

With Thanksgiving happening this week, we are grateful to be able to give back to a cause that focuses on improving quality of life to our Atlanta neighbors. We hope that all of our clients and friends are fortunate in their own health and happiness this holiday season and are able to give back in their own way to those in need.

Hannon Hill Team at Good Samaritan Urban Farm


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