FedEx Day Fun with Hannon Hill

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By Patrice Meadows — Apr 25, 2018 11:00 AM


At Hannon Hill, we’re always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves and each other. FedEx Day is one of many opportunities we have to accomplish a lot in little time.

What is FedEx Day?

FedEx Day is a 24-hour event focused on innovation. Employees are given the time, space, and freedom from distractions (I’m looking at you; email and messaging platforms) to deliver new products, services, or processes overnight (hence the name).

Atlassian, an Australian-based software company, “founded” FedEx Day. Since its introduction, this event has been adopted by organizations worldwide. We’ve held FedEx Days for a few years and typically accomplish a lot.

Here are a couple of our favorite FedEx Day projects from previous years:

  • Updated Hannon Hill website
  • Ability to upload several documents or folders to Cascade CMS at once
  • Social Media Mashup Module

What came out of FedEx Day 2018?

Mainly, lots of fun.

Our team spent more than 12 hours in the office working on FedEx Day projects. While a lot of that time was spent working on strategic projects, some of it was spent building relationships with coworkers. We traded ideas, shared stories, and just had fun being together.  

And snacks...we also ate lots of snacks. Thanks Ali!


Not only was FedEx Day great for employees, it was also great for our customers as many will benefit from FedEx Day projects.

What’s coming courtesy of FedEx Day 2018:

  • More help with Workflows in Cascade CMS
  • Updates to Velocity documentation in Cascade CMS
  • Updates to our Faculty and Staff Directory Module
  • New customization options in Cascade CMS

What was the best part of FedEx Day 2018?

While there were many noteworthy moments from this year’s event; the best, by far, was our CEO conducting an impromptu eye exam. Yes, that happened, and it was hilarious.


Thanks to all the Hannon Hillers for their hard work and dedication. Keep the good stuff coming, guys!