By Sam Skinner — Aug 14, 2018 11:00 AM



Do you want to take your understanding of Cascade CMS to the next level?  Are you itching to delve into some of the technical aspects of Cascade CMS? We want to remind everyone that every three months, Hannon Hill offers a pair of one-day online training workshops on Cascade CMS that will take you beyond what you currently know.

The training covers broad principles of the product interface, Administration area (including the use of Roles and Access to determine what each user can read and write), and workflow functionality.

From there, we dive into the more technical areas of CascadeCMS: how to convert an HTML page into a template, how to reconstruct the page in Cascade CMS and build the forms necessary for adding new content to the page, and how to convert those forms into an Asset Factory (an end-user’s template) for stamping out new pages quickly.

The final segment of the workshop covers the basics of XPath and Velocity as tools for pulling content dynamically onto a page. We demo how to create an index block to generate an XML file with the necessary data (for a given page) and then use the two tools to pull the appropriate data into the appropriate region of the page.

As one recent participant wrote, “I really enjoyed the training and learned a lot of things about what I thought I already knew!”

If you’re interested in participating in one our upcoming sessions, keep an eye on on our training page or click the button below to sign up now!



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