How to Build a News Site in Cascade CMS

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By Patrice Meadows — Jan 31, 2018 11:00 AM

Giving site visitors new ways to discover content is a huge priority for any organization looking to spark user engagement,  encourage social sharing, and improve user’s site experience.

One way to facilitate content discovery is by collecting information from various sources and presenting it to users in a simple, attractive format. That’s the exact concept behind the dedicated news site at the University of Scranton.

Their news site is used to connect visitors with content from various university sources. Streamlining the presentation of content not only improves users experience, it also makes it easier to find new pieces.

You can achieve similar results by building your own news site in Cascade CMS. Here are 4 quick steps to help you get started with creating your own News site in Cascade CMS.  

  1. Determine which types of content you want to deliver on your new site
  2. Create Site Templates to match the content types and how you want to display it.
  3. Use Page Regions and Blocks to build out each section of your site’s page
  4. Create a program that draws from various content sources to fill your site

This process, of course, is a lot more technical and includes more steps (and substeps) before your new site is ready for visitors. Check out this great resource on using Velocity in Cascade to kickstart your process. You can also visit the Hannon Hill Github for sample code and specific advice from veteran Cascade users on how to use create incredible sites and pages with Cascade CMS.