How to Use the Latest Search Trends to Attract New Audiences

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By Patrice Meadows — Feb 20, 2018 11:00 AM

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Attracting and engaging new audiences is essential for any business and keeping up with Search trends is one to do it.

In recent years, Search has expanded to include voice, visual and mobile components; dramatically changing what it means to create and distribute search-friendly content. Now, digital marketers have yet another thing to consider when drafting new content; personal search.

What is Personal Search?

Personal Search refers to the use of highly personal terms like me, my, and I in search queries.

For example: instead of using the phrase "best chicken dinners" for highly-rated chicken dinner recipes, a personal search would use "best chicken dinners for me," instead.

Small difference. Huge implications.

Personalization is quickly becoming an expected element of any marketing or advertising activity, and Search is no exception. Consumers no longer want the best product or answer, they want the best product or answer for them.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these posts explaining the value of personalization, why it works, and how you can start personalizing marketing collateral.

How can Personal Search help me attract new audiences?

You can use this trend to bring new users to your site in three easy ways.

  1. Get personal: Restructure popular content pieces to include personal terms. This simple fix is perfect for high performing blog posts, infographics, or emails. In lieu of broad (and impersonal) labels, headers, or subject lines, add personal phrases consumers use in search queries. This will help search engines better match your content to their queries.
  2. Dig in: Use Google Audience Insights or your favorite SEO tool to learn more about your target buyers and which personal search terms they use most often. This will give you a feel for their needs and common search behavior. You can use this information to craft new content or update existing pieces as described in the previous recommendation.  
  3. Deliver value: Use what you know about potential prospects, their needs and pain points to craft personalized recommendations for issues they face. If you can provide value by sharing a powerful resource or useful tip, they’re more likely to remember you (and your brand) when it’s time to make a purchase or referral.

What can I get out of it?

According to Think With Google, Personal Search is on the rise. Taking advantage of this trend could yield more engagement with your best marketing materials from prospects you want and/or drive more traffic to your site.

A couple of stats on personal search and mobile:

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