Top 5 Ways Cascade CMS Helps Contributors Improve Content Quality

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By Patrice Meadows — Feb 13, 2018 11:00 AM

Blog post banner cover image for Hannon Hill blog post that explains how users of Cascade CMS can help content contributors improve content quality.

More content than ever is published and distributed online. To help your organization’s pieces stand out, your team must help contributors focus on producing outstanding work. There are lots of ways to support your team in their quest to create quality content, and using your CMS is one of them.

Cascade CMS offers tons of features to help content contributors ensure that every new post, picture, and video not only meets your organization’s expectations, but also industry best-practices for SEO, accessibility, and content reuse.

Here is a countdown of the top five ways that Cascade CMS helps contributors create top-notch content.

5. Features that bring traffic to your site

Cascade CMS makes managing SEO simple. Contributors don’t have to figure out how to structure content or where to enter metadata to help search engines find and evaluate each piece. Instead, end-users simply must add content to forms to lock in keywords, image descriptions, and content tags.

Here are a couple of ways it works in Cascade CMS:  

  • Automatic creation of human-friendly URLs
  • Simple forms that make including metadata simple and easy

Animated image that demonstrates how asset naming feature works.

4. Safeguards to ensure success

Even the best writers need a good editor to clean up their work. Cascade CMS helps contributors clean up their content as they add it to the system. Every new blog post, news story, and content section is reviewed for content quality before moving to the next step of a workflow. These checks help editors and contributors catch mistakes before they get to live sites.

Here are some of the items included in content quality checks for Cascade CMS:

  • Spell check
  • Broken link checker
  • Customizable dictionary for uncommon phrases
  • Accessibility Checker

Want to enable content checks for your contributors? Visit our Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions for how to implement Content Checks in Cascade CMS.

3. Tools to track content performance

Creating and publishing content regularly is essential to increasing your site’s rank in search engine result pages, however, it is equally important to review each piece’s performance to identify opportunities to improve quality. Cascade CMS makes tracking engagement simple with features designed to highlight site and page-level analytics.

Here are two features that make tracking content performance easy:

  • GA connector
  • Regular reports displayed on dashboard

2. Cascade CMS is your hub for all things content

Cascade CMS makes it easy to monitor the content you manage throughout your marketing ecosystem. We offer plugins that pull in data from other systems and connectors to push content to other platforms. Keeping contributors on top of content is easy with tools and features in Cascade CMS.

Here are two ways Cascade CMS is your content hub:

  • Plugins that bring data from best-of-breed software into Cascade CMS (Siteimprove and Google Analytics)
  • Republish content in various formats to deliver across platforms


Animated image that demonstrate how to use the Siteimprove plugin in Cascade CMS

1. Features that keep users engaged

While there are plenty of features in Cascade CMS to help users improve content quality, none of them work without active users. That is why we’ve added new features, tools, and services to promote user engagement. Each addition makes working in Cascade CMS as easy as writing an email or IM.  

Here’s how Cascade CMS keeps users engaged:

  • Modern UI
  • Intuitive features that make content management as simple as writing an email
  • Daily content reports that encourage action
  • Customizable dashboard that showcases the information users care about

Want more recommendations for keeping contributors engaged with Cascade CMS? Check out this customer spotlight explaining how the University of Saskatchewan keeps end-users excited about creating quality content in Cascade CMS.