Customer Spotlight: Eastern Connecticut State University

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By Daisy Perper — Oct 10, 2019 11:00 AM


The Center for Early Childhood Education (CECE) at Eastern Connecticut State University utilized the Hannon Hill services team to redesign their video pages and video listing pages, and implement those designs and functionality into Cascade CMS.

Working with the ECSU team to understand the overall goal, we were able to determine the project plan and scope of work that included creative design, HTML/CSS/JSS and implementation services.

With a nationally recognized video library, the CECE wanted to enhance the visitor digital experience and make the CECE site filterable for quick and easy access to relevant videos through categories and tags. 

Individual Video Pages

In order to achieve maximum search and filter functionality, the Hannon Hill services team created individual pages for each video. After creating the HTML/CSS for the overall design, specific fields were implemented that included Title, Description, Data, YouTube ID, Description, List of Tags and Categories. Additionally, a shared field to display all tags & categories was made available. 

individual video page

Video Listing Page

The CECE video listing page now has an updated look and feel that encourages more exploration and engagement of videos based on visitor preferences. The listing page includes enhanced functionality such as text search by title and author, checkboxes to filter by categories, drop-downs to filter by tags and pagination. 

Once the project was completed, the ECSU team wanted to add to the logic beyond what was initially scoped.  The services team worked with the ECSU team to reassess the goals and created a new scope to implement their increased needs, including additional visibility into number of videos per category and search logic.

ecsu block search page

escu block search page gif

The CECE at ECSU wanted visitors to have the opportunity to visit the extensive video library and find exactly what they were looking for in a matter of clicks. As audiences now demand a user-friendly, relevant on-site experience, updating design and functionality allows for increased retention and conversion on outlined goals. 

escu infant search gif

Working with the Eastern Connecticut State University team to complete the CECE site updates was a great partnership. With the Hannon Hill services team taking ownership from start to finish including creative design, it was an exciting project to bring to fruition. It is our goal for our Cascade CMS clients to have the opportunity to provide audiences with the best possible digital experience. 

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