What is Targeted Content Delivery and Why Should I Care?

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By Laura Rives — Sep 19, 2019 11:00 AM


Digital personalization refers to creating dynamically personalized, highly-relevant experiences for visitors across multiple channels. We use this term interchangeably with targeted content delivery.

It means understanding and meeting their interests, tailoring your digital content to fit their profile, and providing the best message or offer that’s relevant to them.

Digital personalization is real-time changes to your content based on one or more visitor attributes:

IP address. Shows a person’s general location and company name. Enables you to personalize by geolocation, vertical, or account.

Form fills. Data collected when an anonymous visitor transmits information via a form submission.

Behavioral. Certain tools can build a behavior-based profile, capturing how a visitor navigates your site and engages with your content.

Prospective and current students, parents, coaches, alumni, and donors are expecting more from you. In today’s climate of non-stop innovation, the digital experience you offer is a differentiator.

According to Ellucian, 84% of students who received personalized communications during their application process agree that it was an important factor in their choice of school.

Furthermore, personalization can help you better understand the recruitment funnel and interact with individuals who would otherwise wait until applying to identify themselves.

Now is the time to explore your path to personalization. While you’ll start with rules-based personalization, adoption of AI technologies is growing, and individuals believe they present positive opportunities for society.

To learn more about Clive, Hannon Hill’s new engagement platform for digital personalization, please visit the Clive product page.

Current Cascade CMS can request a Clive account by emailing support@hannonhill.com.