By Angela Seckinger — Feb 7, 2019 11:00 AM


 Cascade CMS is constantly evolving to help you maintain a beautiful and functional web presence. We take great pride in finding ways to simplify and speed up your ability to “do more, faster”.

Our latest release of Cascade CMS (8.11+) provides five new ways that will help you “do more, faster" in 2019.

1. #1 customer community requested update.

Shared fields across Data Definitions and Sites

When you need to add a new item or option (like a building, department or major) to your field group, Shared Fields will let you add it one time, from one place and the changes will immediately be made available everywhere. Learn more about shared fields.


2. More ways to create once, publish everywhere.

Now, Cascade Cloud users can easily connect with two Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, Widen Collective and Webdam, to find the best images and reuse them across pages. Learn more about Widen Collective and Webdam.


3. Let’s face it – website accessibility is not simple to master, but it just got easier.

Now, in addition to the Siteimprove plugin, Cascade Cloud users can enable accessibility WCAG 2.0 checks in two ways:

  • Built-in when submitting content updates at the page level.
  • Viewed at the site level with the new site-wide accessibility report.

Learn more about accessibility improvements.


4. Want to know how users are progressing within Cascade CMS? We just made it simpler. 

Now, with the user activity report, you can review what your users have done across the entire system in a given timeframe. You can quickly see which users are the most active, have logged in, made edits, and published content so you have a better understanding of how much your users are getting out of the system. Plus, you can easily export this data to share with people outside of the CMS. Learn more about the user activity report.


5. Editing just got faster.

Enhancements to editing formats.We’ve made some handy improvements to the Format editing experience to help you get things done faster.

  • Searchable Velocity documentation is available directly from the product interface.
  • Editor windows are now resizable so you can set your editor windows to any size.
  • Cascade CMS now remembers your last selected options when you go to test your format so you don’t have to repeatedly hunt down the same block or page to test against. 

What's Next?

If you would like to keep in touch with new developments in a live format, the next, "What's New in Cascade CMS" webinar is: Wed, Apr 17, 2019 2:00 PM ET.

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Meanwhile, if you have feature requests or ideas that can help Cascade CMS users "do more, faster", submit your ideas to the Hannon Hill Products Idea Portal.