Which Digital Channels Should I Personalize First?

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By Laura Rives — Oct 29, 2019 11:00 AM


The most common channels used to serve personalized content are the web, email, and mobile. 
To scale up from there, consider running personalization campaigns across paid advertising, The Internet of Things (smart watches, kiosks, etcetera), and to individuals using voice search platforms like Alexa and Siri.

But, let’s start with the fundamentals. Even with limited knowledge about an individual, you can serve content that matches their intent.

Keep your personas in mind and start with those that will be most impactful to the institution. Similarly, start with the channel(s) that will meet your most pressing business needs and deliver impact quickly.

And finally, remember that we’re on a journey from “one to all” to ‘”one to some” to “one to few”. You‘re not Amazon or Netflix. Getting started with a few simple callouts on your homepage is a big step in the right direction.

Here are a few examples of how to get off the ground with digital personalization. 


  • Invite an anonymous visitor a local meetup based on their geolocation
  • Offer an application checklist upon an individual’s third visit to a program page
  • Post completion, replace the newsletter sign-up form with a CTA to download your mobile app


  • Show a headshot of a local admissions counselor in the signature block
  • Match landing page content to personalized emails
  • Send a behavior-triggered email based on website pageviews


  • Remove supplemental content or heavier images for a streamlined mobile experience
  • Use a flat style design to make links easily clickable
  • Send a personalized notification to reactivate a dormant app user


  • Request a deposit from an admitted student via a site popup
  • Encourage admissions counselors to reach out personally when certain prospective students view the site
  • Personalize a video with a name, photo, or other variable you have in your CRM

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