Twitter Connector


A Twitter Connector ties your Cascade CMS instance to your Twitter account. The content of pages with a specified Content Type (announcements or news articles, for example) will be tweeted automatically to your Twitter account. Tweets posted by this Connector will contain a link to the published version of the page and will include a Connector-specific prefix and hashtags.

Creating a Twitter Connector

To create a Twitter Connector:

  1. Navigate to Manage Site > Connectors.
  2. Navigate to the container in which the new Connector will be stored, or create a new container using Add > Container.
  3. Click Add > Connector.
  4. Select Twitter and then click Choose.
  5. In the Name field, enter the name for your Connector.
  6. In the Parent Container field, select a container for your Connector, if desired.
  7. Under Settings, configure the following fields:
    • Destination - Pages with the Content Type specified below published to this Destination will be tweeted. 
    • Hashtags - Hashtags that are appended to tweets automatically.  Multiple hashtags can be specified. (e.g. #cascadecms #cascade8).
    • Prefix - Text that is prepended to all tweets (e.g. Cascade News).
  8. For each Content Type Group (you can apply multiple to the same Connector) configure the following fields:
    • Content Type - Pages with the selected Content Type will be used to generate tweets.
    • Output - Select the output to be used when generating the link to the page.
  9. Click Submit.

Verifying/Unverifying a Twitter Connector

To verify or unverify your Twitter connector:

  1. While viewing (but not editing) your Connector, click Verify.
  2. A new link will appear that says Click here to authorize with Twitter.
  3. The link will open a new window/tab to Twitter to grant Cascade access to the Twitter account.
    Authorize connector
  4. If you're not already logged in, enter the credentials for the account that you want the Twitter Connector to tweet from and authorize Cascade CMS to access your account. This should return you to Cascade CMS, and the Connector will be verified and ready to use.
  5. Once verified, the Unverify link becomes available to deactivate the Connector.