Editing Images


Images are treated like any other file asset in the CMS and are stored as such. They can be placed in a default image repository, or they can be stored with other relevant content.

Uploading an image is done through either the Default or a custom file-type Asset Factory, using the same method used for creating other file assets. This method also ensures that the appropriate metadata is included with the image, making it search-engine friendly, and 508 compliant for persons with disabilities.

CMS-managed images can be inserted into a page via a WYSIWYG editor by clicking on the Insert/edit Image button. In addition, users with the appropriate Site Role abilities may upload images directly via the WYSIWYG editor.

Editing Images

Cascade CMS's built-in image editor allows basic image image manipulation such as resizing, rotating, flipping, and cropping.

While not a substitution for purpose-built image editors like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Paint Shop Pro, you can make quick changes to images from within the CMS without the need to delete or re-upload any changes.

In addition, Cascade CMS' version history will keep a record of all saved image changes. Any revisions stored in Cascade CMS can then be restored as necessary.

image editor

To edit an image:

  1. While viewing an image file, click Edit.
  2. Apply changes to your image using any of the following tools:
    • Undo/Redo - These buttons work the same as the undo/redo in other editors. Undo is available after an operation has been performed. Redo is available after an undo operation was performed. There is no limit to the undo/redo operations.
    • Rotate - The rotate buttons will rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise.
    • Flip - The flip buttons will flip the image like a mirror, vertically or horizontally.
    • Resize - The width and height text boxes show the current width/height of the image. The lock icon between the width and height boxes determines if aspect ratio should be preserved with the resizing. By default, the aspect ratio is preserved. Click the icon to toggle the setting. To change the dimensions of the image, change the values in the width/height fields; then click the checkmark button.
    • Crop - To crop, select what part of the image you want to crop by dragging the mouse on the image - the cursor will turn into a crosshair when dragging over the image and cropping dimensions will be displayed. After the cropping area has been selected, click the Crop button in the editor toolbar.
  3. Click Preview Draft and Submit.

cropping an image

Note - Animated GIFs manipulated using the built-in image editor will not have their animations preserved.