How to add images to pages and blocks


Images can be added to Cascade CMS pages and XHTML blocks and can be visually arranged to match a particular layout.

To add an image:

  1. Create a Page (or XHTML block) or click to edit an existing page. Locate the image icon (shown below, highlighted) in the rich-text editor's formatting toolbar.
    select image
  2. Images can be added from within the Cascade CMS ecosystem (Internal) or hotlinked from an external web page (External). In the image below, choose the source from those two checkboxes.
  3. If choosing an image from Cascade CMS, click Choose File. (If uploading an image to Cascade CMS, you'll be able to upload it to the CMS using the resulting chooser.)
  4. Choose your image and then click Choose on the far right edge of the selection window.
    image upload
  5. Under the Advanced section, you'll be able to add custom CSS styling, borders, and vertical and horizontal padding to your image.
  6. Click OK to upadte or add your image in the editor window.