Accessibility Report  


The site Accessibility Report allows you to monitor and review WCAG 2.0 Level A - AAA accessibility issues across an entire site, based on a weekly report of content rendered within Cascade CMS. A list of issues is provided with links to relevant areas on the page and details about the violation, remediation steps, and the specific WCAG guidelines in violation.

The checker leverages the accessibility API and is available for Cascade Cloud clients only.

Enabling the Report

First, enable the Accessibility Report for your system:

  1. Click the system menu button (  ) > Administration > Accessibility Checking.
  2. Under Accessibility Check Configuration choose which day of the week and time the report should run.
  3. Click Submit.

Next, enable the Accessibility Report for one or more sites:

  1. Choose your site from the Site menu and then select Manage Site > Site Settings.
  2. Under Accessibility Checking, enable the Accessibility Checker option.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Repeat these steps for each additional site for which you want to enable the report. A report will be available for the site in the Reports area after the next scheduled report date/time.
Tip - To avoid impacting system performance for users, we recommend configuring the Accessibility Report to run on a day and time when there will be few users working in the system, such as early morning on a weekend.

Viewing the Report

accessibility report summary view

Once the Accessibility Report has been enabled for your system and run for at least one site, you can view the report under Reports > Accessibility Report. To get started, choose a report-enabled site under Filter Results.

The following options are available to filter the results of the report:

  • Site - An enabled site must be chosen to view report content.
  • WCAG Compliance Level - Choose which WCAG level issues to include in the report. Note that this option is cumulative, so Level AAA will also include Level AA and Level A issues.
  • Hide Reviewed - Enabling this option will hide issues that have been marked "Reviewed" from the report.

In the report summary, the percentage of pages with accessibility issues, the total number of issues, and total number of issues marked as "Reviewed" will be displayed.

Reviewing Issues

accessibility report page view

To get started reviewing issues, you can either choose the Page with the most issues or Start with a specific page to open the page chooser. Click on any page in the chooser to view the list issues for that page.

In the page view, you'll see a static rendering of the page on the right, and a list of issues detected on the left. Click any issue in the list to highlight the region of the page where the issue occurs.

When an issue is highlighted, you'll see a description of the issue and remediation advice. You can also choose to:

  • See more details - Click this link to see the exact HTML markup that was flagged.
  • Mark issue as reviewed - Click this link to mark the issue as reviewed in the report.
    • You can choose to hide issues marked as "Reviewed" using the Filter Results menu.
    • Note that an issue will be re-listed as "Not Reviewed" if the same issue is detected during the next report.

Use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to review each page in the report, or click the page chooser button to open the chooser and navigate to a specific page.

Tip - Right-click on the page chooser button to open the context menu for the current page. From the context menu, you can choose to View the page or open the page's Edit screen directly without leaving the report.