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Image Editor


The image editor allows basic image manipulation operations without requiring any client-side plugins, like a Java Applet. The following operations are available:

  • Undo/Redo
  • Resize dimensions (maintaining aspect ratio or not)
  • Rotate clockwise/counterclockwise
  • Flip horizontal/vertical
  • Crop

Image editor screenshot

The editor works with the following file extensions by default:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .bmp
  • .gif


Editing a new image

To edit a new image:
  1. Create a new File from the New menu.
  2. Under the Data section, select an image from your computer to upload. Once selected, the image will begin uploading.
  3. When the upload is complete, the image editor loads in the creation screen.
  4. Manipulate the image using any of the editing actions.
  5. Submit to save the new image.

Editing an existing image

To edit an existing image:

  1. Select the image to edit
  2. Go to the Edit tab. The image editor appears inline.
  3. Manipulate the image using the editor.
  4. Submit to save the changes to the image.

Image editing actions


Undo/redo buttons

These buttons work the same as the undo/redo in other editors. Undo is available after an operation has been performed. Redo is available after an undo operation was performed. There is no limit to the undo/redo operations.


Resize button

The width and height text boxes show the current width/height of the image.  The "link" icon between the width and height boxes determines if aspect ratio should be preserved with the resizing. By default, the aspect ratio is preserved. Click the icon to toggle the setting.  To change the dimensions of the image, change the values in the width/height fields; then click the resize button to the right of the "Height" field.


Rotate buttons

The rotate buttons will rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise. 


Flip buttons

The flip buttons will flip the image like a mirror, vertically or horizontally.


Crop button

To crop, select what part of the image you want to crop by dragging the mouse on the image - the cursor will turn into a crosshair when dragging over the image and cropping dimensions will be displayed. Holding the Shift key while dragging will lock the aspect ratio.

Crop selection screenshot

After the cropping area has been selected, press the Crop button to crop.

Selection cropped screenshot

Add or remove editable image types

To add or remove file extensions, go to the System menu -> Preferences -> Content, and change the Editable Image File Extensions field.


Animated GIF Editing

Animated GIFs manipulated using the Image Editor will not have their animations preserved.

EXIF Metadata and JPEGs

EXIF metadata present on JPEG image files is preserved when using the image editor if the metadata exists.  EXIF metadata is not supported by the PNG, GIF, and BMP image formats and therefore does not need preserving.

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