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Next Release: 7.10.1
Previous Release: 7.8.4

Cascade Server 7.10

This is a major release that adds: Smart Fields for structured data pages and blocks, a new configurable dashboard with new history and analytics widgets, and improvements to the user experience on mobile devices.

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Smart Fields

We've implemented what is the second most popular idea on our customer idea exchange with Smart Fields for structured data pages and blocks.

Users can select dependencies between Data Definition fields where one field will be hidden unless a specific value is selected in another "parent" field. This allows for progressively showing more fields to the user as needed and hiding other fields that are irrelevant when editing structured data Pages and Blocks. For example, suppose a Data Definition contains an "Address" group containing a number of data definition fields used to capture address information.  This group can be configured such that it will only be displayed if a user changes the value of another data definition field called "Include Address?" to "Yes".

Parent fields can be radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and multi-select boxes.

Progressive Disclosure

Customizable Dashboard

The Home area Dashboard has gotten a face-lift. Every user can now customize their own dashboard for each site. The dashboard has been split into widgets that can be dragged and dropped to a new position or removed from the dashboard completely.

The Stale Content widget, the Content to Review widget, and the Analytics widgets can also be configured to show specifc information in particular timeframes.

customizable dashboard

The dashboard is also responsive and compatible with most mobile devices.  The layout of the dashboard will seamlessly transition from a 3 column layout down to a 2+1 layout and then finally down to a single column layout as the viewport gets smaller.

Improved Mobile Experience

In a continuing effort to improve the Cascade experience on mobile devices, a number of mobile bugs have been addressed and improvements implemented that allow users to better interact with Cascade using their phones and tablets.  This effort began in the 7.8 series and will continue through 7.10 and beyond.  It is our goal to make the Cascade mobile experience as near in available functionality to the desktop experience as possible for all core Cascade features.

Changes include:

  • A mobile optimized login screen
  • Responsive home area dashboard
  • A fixed 800px width viewport for mobile devices
  • Improvements to editing to allow better navigation of edit forms
  • Addressed issues with the layout on mobile devices including an issue with the site dropdown sticking during scrolling

Interfaces for Publish Triggers and Custom Authentication

As part of our commitment to move to more form-based configuration throughout the system, we've added user interfaces for configuring both Publish Trigger and Custom Authentication. They are similar to the interface we added for configuring LDAP in Cascade Server 7.2.

Advanced Code Editor in WYSIWYG HTML View

The Advanced Code Editor introduced in Cascade 7.4 has been added to the HTML View in the WYSIWYG.  This adds things like syntax highlight, code folding, line numbers and other convenient features to HTML editing. 

ace in wysiwyg html view

User Interface Improvements

Larger control icons

We've given our control icons a make over to make them easier to distinguish and easier to click.

This includes the links to expand and collapse folders in the left-hand navigation:

left-hand navigation links

and the controls to re-order, add and remove multiple fields when editing pages and blocks:

structured data controls

New Features

  • [CSI-698] - Reveal field/fieldsets when parent field radio/dropdown/multi-select/checkbox value is selected


  • [CSI-693] - Use Code Editor for WYSIWYG HTML source editor
  • [CSI-702] - Form-based UI for Publish Trigger & Custom Authentication Configuration
  • [CSI-718] - New and better icons for plus/minus/up/down Structured Data controls, Workflow Builder, and Data Definition Builder and collapse/expand controls for LHS and Analytics

Issues Resolved

  • [CSI-553] - Deeply nested Data Definition with groups many levels deep can cause rendering issues on Page and Structured Data Block forms
  • [CSI-674] - Download link no longer appears for images
  • [CSI-719] - (Mobile) Site dropdown stays fixed to top of page

First Time Installation?

Be sure to import our default database schema prior to installing Cascade Server for the first time. Then follow our standard installation instructions.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Shut down your currently running Cascade Server instance.
  2. Before you upgrade, we strongly recommend that you back-up your production database. as well as set up a test instance and perform a trial run of the upgrade. All customers are entitled to a test license for this purpose.
  3. Read the release notes and upgrade guides for all releases between your version and the latest version.
  4. If your current version of Cascade is earlier than 7.0, then you must use the full installation instructions.
  5. If your current version of Cascade is 7.0 or later, you can perform a full installation or upgrade in place using the ROOT.war installation.


Organizations upgrading to 7.8.2 or above for the first time may notice a delay during the initial startup accompanied by messages like these in the log file:

2014-01-01 11:53:25,405 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Clearing orphaned assets...
2014-01-01 11:53:25,405 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Clearing orphaned Data Definition nodes...
2014-01-01 11:54:09,508 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Deleted 7 orhpaned Data Definition nodes
2014-01-01 11:54:09,508 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Repeating the operation until there are no more orhaned nodes to delete
2014-01-01 11:54:57,350 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Deleted 14 more orhpaned Data Definition nodes
2014-01-01 12:02:30,529 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Repeating the operation until there are no more orhaned nodes to delete
2014-01-01 12:02:58,724 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Deleted 0 more orhpaned Data Definition nodes
2014-01-01 12:02:58,725 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Finished clearing 224 orphaned Data Definition node record(s)
2014-01-01 12:02:58,725 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Fixing Structured Data with missing owner entity property
2014-01-01 12:03:29,712 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Found 211 broken Structured Data nodes
2014-01-01 12:03:32,451 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Fixed a total of 9 assets with broken Structured Data nodes
It is important that the Cascade Server process not be stopped during this time. Once the orphaned Data Definition nodes have been removed, the application will start up normally.


If you are upgrading from Cascade Server 7.4.1 or later, you should rebuild search indexes after the upgrade is complete and the application is running. To do so, navigate to System Menu -> Utilities -> Search Indexing, check the Rebuild Index? checkbox and then click Submit.


You must upgrade to at least Cascade Server 5.5 before upgrading to Cascade 6 or Cascade 7.

Contact Hannon Hill Support ( if deploying Cascade Server for the first time in a load-balanced environment as this will require a special license.