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Next Release: 7.8.3
Previous Release: 7.8.1

Cascade Server 7.8.2

This maintenance release that contains a number of important bug fixes related to features added in the Cascade Server 7.8 series. A few minor product improvements are also included.

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  • [CSI-192] - List Sites in Site Management interface in alphabetical order for all roles
  • [CSI-536] - Allow Destination "Web URLs" longer than 64 characters
  • [CSI-682] - Add support for File.getText() to get String version of Files fetched with Locator Tool
  • [CSI-683] - Add support for root-relative XPath expressions (/path/to/element) on XML returned from API objects "get...AsXMLElement()" style methods

Issues Resolved

  • [CSI-673] - Lucene race condition causes asset removal before UpdateEvent occurs
  • [CSI-674] - Download link no longer appears for images
  • [CSI-680] - File.getData() throws LazyInitializationExceptions for Files fetched from the Locator Tool
  • [CSI-681] - File.getData().getSize() returns "0" for files fetched using Locator Tool
  • [CSI-689] - 404 error about missing /apple-touch-icon.png after logging in using mobile device
  • [CSI-694] - "failed to lazily initialize a collection of role" prevents users from switching into a Site
  • [CSI-699] - Unable to activate past versions of asset after saving its draft when its data definition was modified
  • [CSI-700] - Layout breaks on mobile browsers when zooming in or out

First Time Installation?

Be sure to import our default database schema prior to installing Cascade Server for the first time. Then follow our standard installation instructions.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Shut down your currently running Cascade Server instance.
  2. Before you upgrade, we strongly recommend that you back-up your production database. as well as set up a test instance and perform a trial run of the upgrade. All customers are entitled to a test license for this purpose.
  3. Read the release notes and upgrade guides for all releases between your version and the latest version.
  4. If your current version of Cascade is earlier than 7.0, then you must use the full installation instructions.
  5. If your current version of Cascade is 7.0 or later, you can perform a full installation or upgrade in place using the ROOT.war installation.


Organizations upgrading to 7.8.2 or above for the first time may notice a delay during the initial startup accompanied by messages like these in the log file:

2014-01-01 11:53:25,405 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Clearing orphaned assets...
2014-01-01 11:53:25,405 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Clearing orphaned Data Definition nodes...
2014-01-01 11:54:09,508 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Deleted 7 orhpaned Data Definition nodes
2014-01-01 11:54:09,508 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Repeating the operation until there are no more orhaned nodes to delete
2014-01-01 11:54:57,350 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Deleted 14 more orhpaned Data Definition nodes
2014-01-01 12:02:30,529 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Repeating the operation until there are no more orhaned nodes to delete
2014-01-01 12:02:58,724 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Deleted 0 more orhpaned Data Definition nodes
2014-01-01 12:02:58,725 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Finished clearing 224 orphaned Data Definition node record(s)
2014-01-01 12:02:58,725 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Fixing Structured Data with missing owner entity property
2014-01-01 12:03:29,712 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Found 211 broken Structured Data nodes
2014-01-01 12:03:32,451 INFO  [OptimizeDatabaseServiceImpl] Fixed a total of 9 assets with broken Structured Data nodes
It is important that the Cascade Server process not be stopped during this time. Once the orphaned Data Definition nodes have been removed, the application will start up normally.


If you are upgrading from Cascade Server 7.4.1 or later, you should rebuild search indexes after the upgrade is complete and the application is running. To do so, navigate to System Menu -> Utilities -> Search Indexing, check the Rebuild Index? checkbox and then click Submit.


You must upgrade to at least Cascade Server 5.5 before upgrading to Cascade 6 or Cascade 7.

Contact Hannon Hill Support ( if deploying Cascade Server for the first time in a load-balanced environment as this will require a special license.