Cascade Cloud

Cascade Cloud is Hannon Hill’s SaaS solution optimized for Cascade CMS. It is rated and supported exclusively by our internal team. With Cascade Cloud, Hannon Hill hosts and maintains the application server and database server, which means no worrying about hardware purchases, installations or upgrades, backups, disaster recovery, or heavy reliance on your organization's IT department.

Cascade Cloud also includes:

  • Product and database setup and installation
  • Software upgrades handled by the Hannon Hill support team
  • Daily backups of your database
  • All operating system and database server patches and security fixes
  • No limits on number of sites
  • No limits on the number of named users
  • Integration with your current authentication system—no development required!

Cascade Cloud can integrate with your current authentication system. We have native LDAP or Active Directory integration and a custom authentication API which to hook into a variety of single sign-on products like CAS, Kerberos, and Shibboleth.

In addition to decreased infrastructure and internal management requirements, Cascade Cloud boasts several notable features including:


Better Products

Cascade Cloud has a distinct product roadmap with certain features only available to Cascade Cloud customers.

Advanced Functionality

Because we control the technology and infrastructure, we are able to provide more integrations with third-party systems.

Always Up-To-Date

We apply upgrades, bug fixes, and security updates for you, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest product features.

Faster Troubleshooting

Instead of sending a database back and forth, our support team can log into your cloud instance and diagnose the issue.

Data-Driven Builds

By evaluating cloud usage data and end-user feedback, the product team can develop better software at a faster pace.

Database Rollbacks

We conduct daily database backups, enabling us to restore your database to a previous version in mere minutes.

There are many ways in which implementing a Cloud-based CMS can benefit your organization. Let's take a look a few of the positive outcomes you'll see by implementing Cascade Cloud.


Unburden Your IT Department

Improve resource allocation and make time for strategic projects by eliminating upgrade and maintenance responsibilities.

Reduce Footprint

Save heating and cooling costs—and the environment— by increasing server utilization and consolidating data centers.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With daily backups, multi-zone disaster recovery service, and 99% uptime guarantee, you can feel safe with Cascade Cloud.

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