The calendar and the news came straight out of the example sites. This was all just available at a quick download, easy to import into the system and to work with right away.

Mark Jones
Salem College

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Cascade CMS is one of the most flexible CMSs in the market. As one of our customers put it, “if you can do it on the web, you can do it in Cascade.” You can develop your own modules or let our Professional Services team build out new functionality for you. Even better, you can download several modules for free from our Cascade Exchange and customize them to your needs. Some of those modules include:


Whether you’re a higher education organization, a government institution, or another entity, chances are that you want to manage your calendar of events for your website(s) right from within your content management system. That’s why we make the events calendar available to you. You can style it to match your branding and adjust the functionality to your needs.

Features include:

  • Interactive calendar using the Full Calendar jQuery plugin,

  • List view for events within selected category(ies),

  • List view for events defined by terms,

  • Folders for yearly and monthly organization of events,

  • Landing Page for events within a given year or month,

  • Repeatable events using daily, weekly, monthly and yearly options, and

  • Multi-channel output for a variety of pages (XHTML, PDF, RSS, iCal, XML)



The Newsroom is a free-standing site with everything you need to get started creating, categorizing, publishing, and sharing news releases. The site comes with templates for a homepage, a news release page, category pages, monthly and yearly index pages, and an image repository. It is available in both XSLT and Velocity.

Features include:

  • In-context editing

  • Bootstrap responsive framework

  • Font Awesome font icons

  • Social sharing example on each News Release

  • RSS and Atom feed examples


Web teams at higher education institutions appreciate the course catalog module, as it provides them with a way to create their courses once and publish them to web servers, databases, and other systems. This module allows you to manage a course catalog with landing pages, individual course pages, automatically generated PDF documents, and a basic search. You can, of course, customize the catalog and add more functionality as needed. This module is built on Bootstrap to exhibit responsive web design capabilities.

course catalog

Another popular module among our higher education customers is the faculty directory. It makes it easy for non-technical faculty and staff to update their information and their bios using customizable content entry fields.

The Landing Page automatically populates a directory table that is sortable by department and each Profile Page includes a biography, headshot, contact information, and more. The example is built on Bootstrap to display responsively as well.

faculty directory

Are you looking to implement more COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) functionality by pulling content from your social media accounts into your website? With our Social Media Mashup, the process is very simple. You can combine all your social media content (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, RSS feeds, etc) into one stream and put them all on one easy to digest page. This module also contains examples of integrating cross-Site sharing of News and Calendar events from other managed Cascade CMS Sites.

social media mashup

Another popular module is our Campus Map, which uses Google Maps and allows you to create maps in Cascade Server with custom overlays and icons. This module contains a sample map page, category block, and sample KML overlay exported from Google Maps. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a campus map - manage any type of map you like!

Cascade campus map

It’s almost impossible to find a website that does not have one or more blogs. Blogs are a great way to provide value to and interact with your audience and community. Cascade CMS is an ideal tool to manage as many blogs as you need. The Blog Site makes it easy to get started managing your daily or weekly updates on a variety of topics. Customizable fields make it easy to manage exactly what kind of information you want to post and how you want to organize it. There are also two options for commenting functionality: web services and Javascript.

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