We use Spectate forms for our Open House events and have really seen an increase in registrations. We also use Spectate for email autoresponders, for testing the effectiveness of calls to action, and for analytics.

Jayson Ferguson
Texas A&M University Texarkana

You don’t just want to better manage your content, you want to manage better content. That’s why we provide Spectate, our content marketing tool that integrates with Cascade CMS, free of charge to all of our Cascade customers.

But you don’t have to be a Cascade CMS customer to get your hands on Spectate. You can use it with any CMS.

Spectate allows you to be strategic about your content, track all of your content marketing efforts, analyze what works and what doesn't, and automate tedious tasks. Most importantly, Spectate empowers you to convert anonymous visitors into leads and to track their behavior on your site.

Spectate’s features include, but are not limited to:



Monitor your website traffic by visitor, lead, or campaign. View inbound links, referral sources, and search terms.  Quickly identify trends and understand what works and what doesn’t.

Visitor and Lead Tracking

Track individual visitors or leads and watch their behavior on your site. Set up alerts so your team can follow up with particular leads expeditiously and effectively.

Campaign Management

Holistically track all of your related marketing efforts. Tag your actions with campaigns, so you can instantly see what yields the best results and the greatest ROI.


Create web forms within minutes. No programming required. Add validation, email autoresponders, completion alerts, and even progressive profiling.

A/B Testing

Test variations of your content and your calls to action, so you can continue to optimize the effectiveness of your messaging.

Personalized Content Delivery

Deliver personalized content based on the response input from your forms.

Polls and Surveys

Use polls and surveys to elicit feedback from your visitors and leads.

Email Marketing

Manage your email campaigns and drip programs and track the results.

"Spectate makes digital marketing analysis quick and easy to implement, with easy-to-understand tools that can take you from measuring visitor campaign traffic to tracking leads through form completion. With Spectate, we’ve been able to successfully experiment with new approaches to recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students."

David Shipley, University of New Brunswick

"Spectate has been a reliable and robust communication tool for designing/managing forms and tracking lead information. Its flexibility has enabled us to collect crucial registration data, create auto responders and track user history. And yet, we are only scratching the surface of its lead generating capabilities."

Michael Duncan, Geneva College

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