A/B testing with Callouts

One of the great features about callouts is that you can juxtapose multiple images (or HTML snippets) against one another within a single callout and split test your audience. Spectate will track the number of impressions and clicks for you and give you a click-through rate so you can know which image or call-to-action performs most effectively.

To create an A/B test in Callouts (this is demonstrated using the Image + Link Content type, but the same method applies for HTML):

  1. Click "+ Create Callout"
  2. Give your callout a name and assign a Campaign.
  3. Use the green button under Content to add multiple Image + Link versions under the single callout name. There is no limit to how many versions you may test within a single callout.
  4. Input your images and links (each image and/or file may be unique, meaning it is easy to test either the image you are using or the Landing Page to which it directs).
  5. Click "Create"

Embed the code as normal, selecting "Embed Code" from the menu under the Callout name. The <span> snippet should be placed where you want the callout to populate and the <script type="text/javascript"> should go at the end of that callout block.&

The callout variations will populate randomly each time the page (or post) loads. The impressions and clicks will be counted in Spectate.