Custom Fields

Any custom fields that you wish to use in a form, must first be created by an Administrator in Custom Fields.

  1. Under the Administration area, click "Custom Fields"
  2. At the right, click "+ Create Custom Field"
  3. Give your Custom Field a name. This is the name that will appear in the drop-down menu for Fields in Forms and also will, by default, be the Label Name for the field (the field name that appears on the Form itself).
  4. Choose a Field Type (explained below). If "Add Value" options appear, go to the next item. If not, click "Create" and your Custom Field will be created.
  5. Click "Add Value" to add a new item choice to the Custom Field. Each item choice may be tied to a campaign, where if a Lead chooses that field option, they will be put into that campaign.
  6. Click "Create"

Field Types Explained

  • Text - Creates a short, one-line text box for short answers (Note: Answers are not required to be short, there is no character limit for this box, but it would be best used for short text responses)
  • Radio Button - For use with multiple options, uses a radio button to indicate preference.
  • Drop-down - Like the Field Type Selector itself, this type creates a drop-down list of the Added Values.
  • Checkbox - Another type for use with multiple options where selections are made with a checkbox.
  • Text Area - Creates a large text box
  • Multi-select - For use with Multiple options where multiple selections may be made.
  • Hidden - This is a more advanced option and creates a hidden Text Area on your front facing Form. This field type is generally used for Javascripts or more advanced techniques.