Custom Links

Spectate enables you to create custom short links that will allow you to track the user’s clicks on pages that do not reside on your website. For instance, you may want to track clicks on your Facebook page or YouTube channel.

  1. To create a custom link, click on the “Marketing” tab on the left, and then go to Manage -> Custom Links.
  2. On the Custom Links page, you will see all of the custom links that have been created.
  3. To create a new custom link, click on the “+ Create Custom Link” link at the top right.
  4. Enter a name for your custom link.
  5. Associate your custom link with at least one campaign by selecting it from the drop-down box. You can add more campaigns by clicking the “+” icon and selecting another campaign from the drop-down box. You can delete a campaign by clicking the “-“ icon.
  6. Next, enter the destination URL (which is the URL to the page for which you would like to create the custom link).
  7. You may also specify a path for the Spectate environment. If you don’t specify your own path, Spectate will automatically create one for you.
  8. Click “Create” to save your custom link to the system.