Creating a form:

Spectate provides you with a Form Builder that you can use to create forms for your website.

  1. To create a form, click on “Marketing” on the left side, and then click Manage -> Forms.
  2. To create a new form, click the “+Create Form” link at the top right., which will take you to the New Form screen.
  3. Enter the name of your form (required, as indicated by the yellow star), select the name(s) of the Campaigns that you want to associate with this form, and choose the fields that you would like your form to include.
  4. Add/configure the desired fields. You will see that some fields are created for you by default. See "Pre-defined Fields Provided by Spectate" below for a list.
  5. You can select a custom field that you have created.
  6. Tip: you can customize individual fields (for instance, make a field required or giving it a default value) by clicking on the grey wheel icon.
  7. You can re-order your fields by using the up and down arrow icon. To delete a field, click the “-“ icon, and to add a field, choose the “+” icon.
  8. You may also customize Progressive Profiling fields (fields that appear only if the previous field group has been filled out by the user).
  9. Next, enter the message that you want to display to the user upon submission of the form.
  10. If you want a user or group to be notified when a visitor submits a form, select the user/group from the completion alert drop-down box.
  11. To further customize the look and feel of your form, click the “More Options” link, which will provide you with additional choices, such as a custom CSS, font family, font color, background color, and the URL to call upon success, which will pass the form values to another system.
  12. Once you have created your form, click “Create” to save it to the system.
  13. Next, click on the “View HTML code” link, copy the code in the “Place Code Betweenand ” section, and paste it on your webpage on which you want the form to appear.

Pre-defined Fields Provided by Spectate

  • Address One
  • Address Two
  • Annual Revenue
  • Bounced Email At
  • Bounced Email Reason
  • Bounced Hard
  • City
  • Comments
  • Company
  • Content - WYSIWYG field that allows for inserting arbitrary HTML into the form
  • Country
  • Department
  • Email
  • Employees
  • Fax
  • First Name
  • Industry
  • Is Blocked
  • Job Title
  • Last Name
  • Notes
  • Phone
  • Salutation
  • Source Type
  • State
  • Territory
  • Twitter Username
  • Website
  • Years In Business
  • Zip

Update or delete a form:

  1. To update or delete a form managed inside Spectate, click on “Marketing” on the left side, and then click Manage -> Forms. You will see the forms table, which contains a list of all your forms.
  2. Find the form that you would like to update, and click the “Edit” link in the Actions column. The Edit Form section will appear.
  3. After making your updates, click the “Save Changes” button to submit your changes to the system.
  4. To delete the form, click on the “Delete” link in the Actions column. A prompt will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the form. Click “yes” to proceed with the deletion.