Managing files

Within Spectate, you can upload files, such as images, PDFs, or MP3s, and associate it with one more Campaigns. This file will then be tracked by Visitors.

To view all files available in your system

  1. Select Manage
  2. Select Files
  3. You should now see all of the Files available in your system within the table view.

The table view of a file displays -

  1. The File Size
  2. The tracked Clicks
  3. The Visitors
  4. The identified Leads
  5. The Last Updated date

From this table view, you can:

View the File Information

  1. Select the File from the Name column within the table
  2. You should now see a table containing the file information and statistics. The File Information displays the Size of the file, the Short URL of the file, and the System URL of the file. The File Stats displays the Clicks, Visitors, and Leads.

Create a file

  1. Select Create File from the top right of the table
  2. A New File window will now open inline.
  3. Upload the File directly from your computer using the Browse option
  4. Name the File. Note: this field is optional; not naming a file will result in the system name of the selected uploaded file to be the name.
  5. Select the Add Campaign link to add Campaigns to associate with the File. Multiple campaigns can be added to one file.
  6. Select Create to view the file within the system.

Edit the File

  1. To edit, select Edit File from the top left. Alternatively, users can select Edit from the row of the table containing the File.
  2. Follow Steps #3-5 in the Create a file section

Copy the File

  1. To copy, select Copy from the top left.
  2. Provide a new Name for the to-be-copied File.

Delete the File

  1. To delete, select Delete from the top left.
  2. A prompt box will appear asking if the user is sure to Delete the File. Select Ok to proceed or Cancel to cancel the request.

History of the File

  1. Select History from the top left
  2. The recently modified Activity will display within the table.