Clicks versus Visitors in Spectate:

When monitoring your custom links and social posts, you'll see the number of clicks and of visitors. The number of visitors captures how many unique visitors clicked on the link, whereas the number of clicks provides the amount of cumulative clicks. For instance, if the same visitor clicked on a link 3 times, it would add 1 to the number of visitors and 3 to the number of clicks.

View Visitor Statistics and Activities:

  1. To view a list of Visitors to your site, click on the Leads & Visitors tab on the left and then on the Visitors link.
  2. In the “Show Rows” drop-down box located on the bottom row of the table, select how many rows you would like to see on the page.
  3. To specify the timeframe for which you would like to see a list of Visitors, click on the “Timeframe” drop-down box at the top right of the table and select the desired time frame.
  4. To view detailed information about a specific Visitor, click on the Pages link (for instance, “1 Page” view), which will take you to a separate screen and provide you with further details.
  5. To go to the referring page, click on the “Referrer” link.