10 Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 at 10:00am
10 Content Marketing New Year's Resolutions for 2015

#1 - Be Smarter About SEO

The days of being able to trick Google are over. Stop spending time overloading a webpage or blog post with keywords. This year focus on improving your SEO with quality content that contains organic links. If you create great content, others will want to link to it, thus increasing your search rank. Same goes for your social content, don’t go hashtag #crazy. Come up with a list of appropriate hashtags that you want to use for either shared or original content, and stick to them. These hashtags should also align with any meta tags and blog tags you use.

#2 - Make Mobile a Priority

Everyone is talking about mobile in 2015. We’re not going to tell you to think mobile content first, but it does need to be top of mind. Every year, more and more content is being consumed on mobile devices and tablets. Some things to consider for 2015: Is your site responsive? Does your blog UI translate well to mobile? How are your longer content pieces performing on mobile? What content are your mobile users searching for? In an ideal world, a mobile user on your site will never think to themselves, “Maybe I should wait to look at this on my laptop,” because they will rarely make that jump.

#3 - Quality Over Quantity

A few years ago, churning out 5 keyword-filled blog posts a week was all the SEO you needed. Now, one well- written blog post that others want to link to and share, is far more effective SEO. With new blogs and content sources being created every day, all of us have to work harder to hold our audience’s attention. With so much great content available, consumers can be picky and will leave your site and never look back if you’re still trying to woo them with keyword stuffed marketing ploys. This year, focus on creating quality content that readers will want to share and subscribe to.

#4 - Know Your Audience

We are quickly moving toward a time when content will be curated specifically for you. Where you’ll land on a site and everything, from calls-to-action to blog posts, will be geared towards your interests, geographic location, and previous actions on that site. This year we can start taking steps towards that with better persona management and A/B testing on our audiences. Know your audience and create content specifically for them.

#5 - Rethink Your Content Distribution

Have you ever created a great piece of content and then been crushed because no one saw it? Sometimes it’s not the what, but the how. How are you distributing your content? What channels or services are you using? Who are you trying to reach? This year explore new distribution channels for your content. More importantly, find out where your audience spends their time, and bring your content to them.

#6 - Have a Documented Content Strategy

Having a Content Strategy is a vital component of your overall Marketing Strategy. The trouble many teams face, is that their strategy is often discussed, but rarely documented. Having a documented strategy, with a Content Calendar and repository of content, will make your life much easier. This way everyone knows what’s expected, when it’s expected, and what resources are available.

#7 - Create a Content Calendar

Once you have your Marketing and Content Strategies in place, you should create your Content Calendar. A Content Calendar will allow you to plan your content in advance so no one is left scrambling at the last second. Start by looking at your goals for the year, and then reverse engineer your themes, frequency, and specific pieces from there. This calendar will allow your team to always be on the same page and know what content needs to be queued up.

Never created a Content Calendar?  Check out How to Create Your 2015 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar for a template and tips to help you get started.

#8 - Put a Content Curation Process in Place

To stay on top of the latest trends and make sure you’re sharing the latest news, you need to automate your content curation. Sure you can do it manually, but time is precious and can be spent doing better things. Work with your team on coming up with your top content sources and then set up RSS and digest feeds to your email or a shared account. This way top content will come to you, so you don’t waste your time going to it.

#9 - Embrace A/B Testing

At some point in 2015, most of us will feel overworked, understaffed, and that there aren’t enough hours in the day. When you feel like that, the last thing you want to do is take precious time to A/B test. We want to finish a blog post, get it out the door, and move on to the next. This year, take a deep breath and remember that just getting something written isn’t enough, it needs to be effective. A/B testing will help you understand what content, email campaigns, and calls-to-action perform best with your audience. Best practices are a great start, but nothing beats data from your own target audience.

#10 - Rethink Your Social Content

This year, Copyblogger made news by killing their Facebook page. They realized that while having a Facebook page was an important part of a brand’s social presence, they weren’t seeing any ROI. Would you go to a job every day that didn’t pay you? They decided to put their efforts into social channels that provided more ROI. We can all take a page from their book and be smarter about our social media efforts. We’re not saying kill your Facebook page, we’re saying use your analytics to see where you get the most ROI and focus your efforts there. Bring your content to where your audience already is, don’t expect them to come to you.


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