6 Reasons to Perform a Content Audit Prior to a Content Migration

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 at 11:30am

Content audits accomplish many things that directly improve a content migration. Performing a content audit helps an organization decide which content is actually worth migrating into the new system. For example, is there content that needs to be improved due to broken links or gaps in information, or does it need to be removed altogether from your site? There are numerous examination points to consider, and each of them can make your content migration that much better.

A content audit will help you …

Identify problems

By reviewing all of your content assets, you can identify and address performance issues, fix misspellings and broken links, and improve your site’s accessibility. As you can imagine, all of those efforts can impact your SEO in a positive manner.

See and seize opportunities for content repurposing

Yes, there is nothing better you can do for SEO and visitor loyalty than to provide valuable, fresh content. But that doesn’t mean that each piece that you publish has to contain a brand-new idea. By doing an inventory of your website, your blog posts, and other marketing collateral, you can more easily identify opportunities to repurpose your content.

Determine content gaps

Not only does a content audit provide you with an inventory of what you have, but it can also crystallize areas in which you are not currently providing your audience with the things that they’re looking for when they come to your site. Make sure that you capture those findings and add the appropriate items to your editorial calendar.

Evaluate content quality

A lot of marketers use simple spreadsheets for their content audit, which can be as detailed as you want them to be. One of the columns that I’ve seen used more frequently now than a few years ago is “Quality”. You can make it a simple drop-down box with three choices (High, Medium, Low), or you can be more granular and even add notes containing ideas for improvement.

Pledge your commitment to content strategy

One of the less tangible outcomes of performing a content audit is the fact that it shows your commitment to your content strategy. If you are a one person marketing shop, it can keep you focused and organized and help you prioritize your efforts. If you are part of a marketing team, it can inspire your team members to take ownership of specific content pieces when everybody is dedicated to maximizing the quality of your marketing collateral.

Improve your information architecture

Sometimes, you may already have valuable, quality content on your site, but it’s not as accessible as it should be. Use pertinent analytics data, including search terms, to determine how you can make sure that your most valuable and effective content is easily found by both your audience and by search engines. 

The main goal of a content audit is to have a comprehensive picture of content that needs to be thrown out, edited, reorganized, optimized, repurposed, or created from scratch. The more one realizes how beneficial a content audit can be, the more they can see the direct role it can play in an upcoming content migration. So, remember to visit freecontentaudit.com, where you can access a free content audit template complete with an inventory of your website.

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