2015 Cassie Winners Announced

By Kat Liendgens — Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 at 9:00am
.Cassie Awards

One of the most anticipated events at every Cascade User Conference is the Cassie Awards Ceremony. The Cassies are our way of recognizing the amazing work that our customers are doing with their websites and with Cascade CMS. This year, the competition was as fierce as ever and we received a record number of votes. Let’s take a look at the winners.

Lightning Bolt: Most of our customers are up and running in Cascade CMS quickly, and this award goes to the organization who had the speediest rollout. The winner was Indiana Wesleyan University, who fully integrated their site in Cascade within just eight weeks of purchasing the solution.

Customer MVP: We strongly believe that the Cascade community is the best CMS community out there. All you need to do is take a look at the collaboration during the user conference and you’ll agree. Our customers freely share their experiences, documentation, and code. Wing Ming Chan of SUNY Upstate was awarded the 2015 Customer MVP Cassie for all of the great advice he continues to provide on the help forums and listserv.

Hannon Hill MVP: This award is voted on solely by our customers, who tell us which of our team members demonstrated ridiculously good customer service. It was a close race, and our Services Director, Penny Kronz, celebrated her second Cassie.

Biggest Fan of Cascade: This could have been awkward, since Graham Lewis (formerly Jacksonville State University, now Hannon Hill), who co-hosted the Cassies, was nominated in this category. Ultimately, the award went to Bill White of HCC Medical Insurance Services. It should be noted that Bill was last year’s recipient of the Good Samaritan award.

Head of the Class: As the name indicates, the Head of the Class Cassie rewards an individual who learned the technical ins and outs of Cascade most quickly. The winner was Mike Duncan of Geneva College, who instantly took to the product and even made recommendations in his first week of using the system.

Most Creative Use of Cascade Server: This award recognizes the customer who pushes the envelop and implements a feature in a way that hasn’t been done before. Chapman University won the 2015 Cassie for their Discover Chapman site, on which they deliver targeted content based on the visitor’s geolocation.

Most Successful Site: William Woods University moved from their previous CMS to Cascade and underwent a website redesign. To date, they've seen an increase of web traffic of over 120% and an 300% increase in impressions. It’s no surprise they won the Cassie for the most successful site.

Best Use of COPE: “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” is one of the biggest trends in the CMS world, as it is one of the key concepts of adaptive content. Most of our customers are using Cascade CMS to not just publish content to the web, but to other systems as well.  This year’s COPE Cassie went to Washoe County, who uses Cascade CMS and Spectate for their email campaigns. They also have a complex FAQ re-use system that weaves through multiple sites and ties different site board meetings into a calendar merged with events. In addition, they have a php includes site implemented with a dozen includes that, when published, will change the content on all of their pages. Well done!

Best New Site: So many amazing new websites were rolled out in Cascade Server over the past year that it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to five nominees - let alone to determine the winner. We’d like to give a shout-out to all of the nominees: University of Nebraska at Kearney, Northern Virginia Community College, Emory University: Alumni Site, Washoe County, and Cuyahoga Community College. Northern Virginia Community College was the winner of the Cassie.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and the winners! We’re excited to see the great things that our customers will accomplish with Cascade in the upcoming 12 months.

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