3 Tips for Designing Better Landing Pages

Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 10:00am
3 Design Tips for Designing Better Landing Pages

Creating an effective landing page can make or break an organization's marketing efforts. Depending on how a visitor discovers you, a landing page could be the first thing they see, rather than your standard homepage. How much your landing page resembles your homepage will vary organization by organization, but what does not, is the importance of good design. Good design is critical for increasing conversions. Let’s discuss three concepts to consider when designing your next landing page.

Hierarchy Matters

Hierarchy is at the base of good design, and the basics do apply. The main headers should be the largest in sizing and perhaps use bolding to distinguish themselves as the most prominent and important text on your landing page. The subsequent headers are slightly smaller and so on, as you move down the page. The same applies to images being used. You may not think it at first, but some fonts just don’t work in different sizes, so it’s important to lay them out in a variety of sizes when considering your type selection for the landing page.

You’ll know bad design when you see it. For example, the page pulls your eye in too many directions and it’s hard to distinguish the intended path. Don’t leave visitors feeling lost with a lack of hierarchy, they might opt out of completing your form as a result.

The Top Cut

Another best practice to keep in mind when designing your next landing page is to remember that most individuals read from left to right, top to bottom. Your landing page should take this into consideration, along with the fact that most people are going to be scanning and not reading your site in detail. If you know a visitor will be scanning along this sort of path, then it only makes sense to place the most important information in the top half of the page. This way if you lose their attention as they get farther down, it will be after the most crucial details have already been relayed.

Keep it Simple

Landing pages are meant to accomplish a goal, a goal of gaining information. You want the process to be clear to visitors. Ready to create a new account or sign-up for our upcoming event?- do that here. Landing pages are used in a variety of scenarios. Higher education organizations for example, may use a landing page to provide an avenue for prospective students to request enrollment information. Regardless of the reason for your landing page, remember to keep it simple! Don’t use too many different fonts or images on one landing page. An overload of distractions will only pull the attention away from the goal. Instead, use the simplicity of your design to direct visitors to fill out the page’s form.

These are just a few of the concepts to consider when designing landing pages. Once you understand the rationale behind certain design choices, it becomes a lot easier to implement them into your own process.

How do you use landing pages? What design tips have worked for you?

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