5 Characteristics of Fresh Quality Content

Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 9:30am
 5 Characteristics of Fresh Quality Content

Last January we shared with you, Five Characteristics of Fresh Quality Content. One of those characteristics was “refreshed.” So we’re taking our own advice, and refreshing our 5 Characteristics of Fresh Quality Content. Great content is crucial for not just engaging your audience but increasing your search engine ranking.

In 2015, what makes content great?

1. Fresh

Fresh can mean a lot of things. It can mean content that is relevant to a current issue or about a current event. It can simply mean up-to-date. It’s important to make sure that the information in your content is current and accurate - one of the many reasons Cascade Server’s Broken Link Report is so helpful. Since you’re not the only one updating your content, you need to make sure that when others update theirs, it doesn’t create broken links on your site.

Anyone in content marketing can tell you that standards and practices change all the time. If you wrote a blog two years ago about using keywords to boost your SEO, you may want to go back and add a note to your post which reflects current practices, or a link to a more recent blog with up-to-date information.

2. Quality

Quality can feel subjective, but everyone has read content that was clearly not quality. Quality content is accurate, well-researched, targeted, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and intentional. Intentional content serves a purpose - it tells a story or imparts knowledge to the reader. Nothing is worse than finding a piece about a topic you’re interested in, and realizing it doesn’t actually give you any useful information.

3. Refreshed

Great content is either timely or timeless. Meaning it has the freshness of being current or the freshness of being content that transcends time. With information and technology advancing at an exponential rate, it’s getting harder to create timeless content, but periodically refreshing your content can keep it feeling timeless. As we mentioned before - a blog about best SEO practices is more of a timely piece which will need be rewritten as standards change, whereas a guide for creating a content calendar can be timeless with only minimal updating.

It’s important to remember, that when refreshing content, you can’t just make a few small changes. Google doesn’t take kindly to duplicate content. A true refresh means rewriting, rephrasing, reordering, and adding new content such as images. Consider it a chance to build upon and improve a pre-existing framework.

4. Targeted

As we’ve discussed before, personas are essential for planning content. While some content can be intended for everyone, usually it has a specific audience in mind. Knowing in advance, who you’re writing for and what your intended takeaways and actions are, will help you create more effective targeted content.

5. Value-Add

Quality content adds value. Once you know who your audience is, and what you want to achieve with your content, you have to make sure you’re giving something in return. True value is also original. Think of what only you can offer, or an angle that no one else has approached. Unique content is essential as more and more marketers are utilizing content marketing.


Whether your content is timely or timeless, make sure it’s fresh, quality, targeted content that adds value. Your existing audience will appreciate your unique content, and you can use it to reach new audiences. Once you know your content is quality, you can begin to promote it, analyze it, and refine your process until you find the formula that works best for you.

What do you think makes great content? How do you make your content unique? 

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