5 Reasons Hannon Hill Loves FedEx Days

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 at 9:00am
5 Reasons Hannon Hill Loves FedEx Days

When was the last time you were able to work on one project, uninterrupted, as a team, and reached a point where you felt satisfied with your progress? We all know the feeling of wishing we could work on just one important thing and not be constantly pulled away. FedEx Days provide an opportunity to really focus and collaborate on one idea. Scrum.org explains, “A FedEx Day is a 24-hour event in which employees deliver innovation to the company they work for. It is called FedEx Day, because you have to deliver overnight, like the parcel delivery company.” This concept has been popular in the Technology community for awhile, but if you’re not in development, chances are you’ve never heard of it.

At Hannon Hill, when our CEO, Kat Liendgens, suggested we do a FedEx Day, we jumped at the chance. Since FedEx Days are most popular within technical departments, many non-technical employees had never had the opportunity to participate before. We decided to make this Hannon Hill FedEx Day open to everyone in the company and to encourage our team to dream big. For us, coming up with an idea wasn’t the hard part, choosing one was!

The key to a successful FedEx Day for a large team is planning. We tried to give our employees as much notice as possible so they could plan for a late night (or an overnight if they wanted to be true FedEx warriors!). We used an open Google doc for our employees to share their ideas and which projects they were interested in. Some employees knew what they wanted to work on immediately, others were still trying to make the seemingly impossible choice right up until the last second. A few weeks out most of the teams were set, and knew what they were working on. This time was critical because teams could be thinking through rough plans and minimum requirements for their projects. Most teams were comprised of multiple departments, allowing groups to bring in skill sets from across the company.

We prepared for our FedEx Day at Hannon Hill by making sure our employees had all the snacks and supplies they needed for burning the midnight oil. Which anyone can tell you means energy drinks, candy, and pizza! Once our FedEx Day was underway, the teams broke out and took over various parts of the Atlanta Tech Village. The competition was on.

Different teams worked different hours, some stayed up extra late, some woke up extra early, but everyone had to be ready to present at noon. We did our FedEx Day on a Thursday (which is common), so our presentations took place on Friday at lunch time. Each team had only 15 minutes to present their project, and then votes were cast for everyone’s favorite projects. Our winner, Artur Tomusiak, one of our amazing engineers, took home 1st place and the grand prize to celebrate his efforts. Feedback from the team was unanimous and we’re sure that Hannon Hill will be doing a FedEx Day again in the near future.

While we can’t share any of our top secret projects just yet, we can tell you that all of the projects were so good, they’re all being implemented. As projects become ready for the public, we will announce which are a result of our FedEx Day efforts. We know our clients will be so happy, they’ll be pushing us to do another FedEx Day soon so they can get even more exciting new features.

Here are 5 reasons we love FedEx Days:

FedEx Days expose the team to new and great ideas

Employees had so many good suggestions, it was hard for teams to decide which project to choose. Many people were still trying to make that difficult decision right up until the last minute. Ultimately most individuals chose to work on the project that they were least likely to normally be exposed to.

FedEx Days get stuff done
We all have those projects we’re either going to start or finish when we have the time or when things slow down. But how often do we ever get to give them the attention they deserve? FedEx Days are perfect for making those “almost too big to think about” projects actually happen. When you finally have the time, there are no more excuses.
FedEx Days foster cross-departmental collaboration

Many teams were made up of several departments and allowed team members who don’t usually get to work together to collaborate and combine their unique skill sets. It not only yields amazing results, it also strengthens our company culture.

FedEx Days promote healthy competition

While no teams seemed to be in it solely to win, no one wanted to let their teammates or colleagues down. Everyone appreciates recognition for a job well done. When hard work is evident, everyone wins - the hard worker is recognized, the company becomes stronger, and our clients win too.

FedEx Days are fun!

Every time we dropped by another team to say “Hi!” or just walked by a collaboration room, you could hear the fun and laughter. We’d like to think that this was the result of more than just the excessive amount of sugar and pizza. FedEx Days are a chance to remind ourselves why we love what we do, who we do it with, and what we’re doing it for.

Some of our FedEx Day projects will be going live in the near future, so stayed tuned!

Have you ever done a FedEx Day? Would you like to? Tell us what you’d work on below in the comments!

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