Cascade CMS 7.14 - Take ownership of your content

By Bradley Wagner — Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 11:45am
Cascade CMS 7.14

Cascade CMS 7.14 is out with new features to help you better manage your content and assist your end users and a handful of other goodies.

  • Content ownership
  • Login as user
  • Fast link checking and technology upgrades

Content ownership

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in your content? We do. And we have a paltry 15,000 assets in our 3 major sites in Cascade. We know our users have many more assets across a lot more sites.

In addition to building tools to help users create content, we want to help you wrangle the content you've got. We added a content auditing tool and stale content reporting to help you inventory your content and remind you when it's time to update it.

Today, we're happy to introduce content ownership into that mix. Now you can formally identify and assign the users responsible for managing the content in your system.

As a content contributor, you can 1-click assign content to yourself:

Content ownership assignment

Assign content owners directly at the asset level

and then use the new ownership report to see exactly what's assigned to you:

Content Ownership Reports

View assets that you own.

As a content manager, you can see what content is assigned to specific users and what content is unowned, and you can assign and reassign content when content is created or when users' jobs or responsibilities change.

Different Ownership Report

View assets owned by other users and unowned assets. Update asset assignments directly from the report.

In the future, we'll use the content owner as the defacto recipient for notifications. Users will be able to leave comments on assets for the content owner or notify the content owner when a related asset is updated.

Plus, you'll be able to customize the stale content and broken link reports to see issues in just the content you own and receive automated notifications about any new issues that come up.

Content ownership will help you manage that mound of content by empowering your content contributors to take responsibility for theirs.

Login as user

This new feature makes its way into 7.14 as the top vote-getter on our Idea Exchange at the time of its release. Administrators can now temporarily login as another user without needing their password.

This provides an easy way for CMS administrators to troubleshoot user-specific issues. It also provides an instant visual for administrators and site managers as to what end users can and can not access within the system. This helps to eliminate the guesswork involved when configuring Roles and permissions for users throughout all of your managed Sites.

Fast link checking and technology upgrades

We've revamped our link checker and seriously sped up link checking times both when submitting content and when running the nightly link report. Users will be pleasantly surprised to see all of their external links checked instantaneously.

We've also introduced a slew of technology upgrades.

On the database side, we've added support for both SQL Server 2014 and Oracle 12c.

On the application side, we've moved to using Java 8 for better performance and scalability. There a host of new language features at our engineers' disposal including the stream API which lets us introduce easy parallelization for processing large data sets.

Get started

Check out the full release notes for more information.

Cascade Cloud users can get access by contacting On-premise users can download the latest version.


To see these new features in action, join us on May 26 at 2pm ET as Charlie Holder, our Head of Customer Experience, dives into latest features from the Cascade CMS 7.12 and 7.14 `.

Give us feedback

As always, we want your feedback. Please visit our idea exchange or send us feedback directly at

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