Cascade Exchange: Course Catalog

By Charlie Holder — Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 at 9:00am
Cascade Exchange: Course Catalog

This is the second blog in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s blog on the A-Z Index.

Support for online courses seems split in the academic community. Having flexibility in scheduling, telecommuting, and pacing makes it look very attractive. However, with limited instructor interactions, feedback bottlenecks, and technology challenges, they start to seem less attractive.

While the debate for offering courses online continues, what’s not up for debate is the value of advertising online what courses you do offer. Prospective students, current students, and more can browse course descriptions and start to see more of the curriculum your organization is offering.

Cascade can help you manage your online Course Catalog. Create your courses once and publish them to web servers, databases, and other systems.

Download this stand-alone Site that demonstrates how a course catalog can be managed with landing pages, individual course pages, automatic PDF documents, basic search, and a few more bells and whistles.

Check out the rest of our free resources at the Cascade Server Exchange.

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