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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 at 9:00am

Cascade Exchange

This is the 8th blog post in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we highlight different modules that you can download and customize to your needs. Check out the previous post on QuickEdit.

A faculty and staff directory can help anyone find contact information and learn a little more about your employees. Whether it’s helping people put a face to a name, allowing faculty and staff to personalize their information, or featuring a key staff member, an online directory offers a place to list all of the knowledgeable and important members of your team.

The Faculty Directory Site makes it easy to get started managing online profiles for campus staff. Customizable fields make it easy to manage each profile and eliminate the need to edit XHTML markup. You can automatically populate a directory table that is sortable by department and each Profile Page includes a biography, headshot, contact information, and more. The available fields can be customized through the Data Definition to fit exactly what information you want to capture.

Cascade can help you manage your online Faculty and Staff directory. And because Cascade is the best CMS to COPE with, you can manage all the information in a central location, push it to other systems, and publish it in multiple formats. You can easily reuse any Profile Page’s content anywhere else in the CMS through Content Type Index Blocks, the Velocity Locator Tool, and page Choosers.


Download this stand-alone Site that demonstrates how a faculty and staff directory can be managed with individual profile pages, an automatic directory table, and more.

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