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By Charlie Holder — Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 at 2:02pm

Cascade Exchange RSS Feed

This is the third blog post in our ongoing Cascade Exchange Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s blog post on the News Site.

RSS feeds allow people and programs to check for updates published to a website. To provide the feed, the website owner typically will use software, such as Cascade Server, to publish a list of recent articles or content in a standardized format. The feed can be downloaded by programs in real-time to view content on other websites.

A typical feed will contain items consisting of titles, headlines, full-text articles, excerpts, summaries, links, images, dates, and other metadata. RSS items are XML-based data structures at the core and they can be read in and styled however the application reading the feed chooses.

RSS has a much wider adoption online than Atom as it has been available much longer. RSS also requires less fields when building the feed to validate against the standard protocol.

Our example XSLT and Velocity code is all you need to create your own RSS feed for your website content. Set up content syndication to allow external programs and website to help your website visitors see fresh content more quickly.

Check out the rest of our free resources at the Cascade Server Exchange.

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