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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 9:00am

Cascade Exchange

This is the 9th blog post in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s blog on the Faculty Directory module, which, of course, you can download for free, just like all the other resources on the Exchange. .

An XML Sitemap can tell search engines information about your site that they otherwise may not know, such as the location of pages that aren't well linked to or when the site was last updated. The SEO Sitemap example can help improve your search engine optimization by making sure they know which pages to crawl.

Our example XSLT and Velocity code is all you need to create your own SEO sitemap for search engines. Make sure search engines and website crawlers give you all the credit—and traffic—you deserve.

Check out the rest of our free resources at the Cascade Server Exchange.

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