CUC15 Session Spotlight: The Super Template

By Kat Liendgens — Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 at 9:00am

Picture of the 2014 Cascade User Conference

It’s a horror story we hear again and again from prospects: every time someone wants a new layout or there’s a request to add a new feature to a page, they’re stuck going back to their current CMS vendor instead of being able to make those changes in house. That’s why we’re proud that Cascade Server is so flexible that end users can be empowered to determine the layout of their pages without needing to select a completely different content type. We even celebrated this fact in our recent “Cascade + Bootstrap = Awesome” webinar which showed how Cascade Server users can implement a single template with unlimited layout options.

Of course, there are times when it makes more sense to commit content contributors to a specific layout (and Cascade Server addresses those needs perfectly by allowing you to build as many different templates as you need), but if you want to provide your end users with a high degree of flexibility without having to involve technical team members every time a content contributor needs a small change, Cascade Server is the CMS for you.

The proof is in the pudding at this year’s Cascade User Conference, with not just one but two featured sessions on how end users can do it all with a single template.

One Template, Many Options - Designing a Versatile Template for a Creative and Flexible User Experience 

Presented by Linda Jayne, Applications Developer at Cuyahoga Community College. An expert at designing and developing custom website solutions with a strong focus on the User Experience and User Interface, Linda will be discussing how Tri-C’s web team eliminated frequent requests for new templates with special features by using Velocity to create a single template that gave end users the ability to choose multiple page items from a single menu. Instead of building out a new template every time users wanted to add a certain feature, Tri-C has developed a single template that allows users to quickly include features such as social media icons, video, slideshows, sidebars, special buttons, and a number of widgets. Users don’t have to commit to a specific layout; they can let their creativity shine by easily adding or removing items, then rearranging them to their hearts’ content.

Super Page: The One That Does It All 

David vanWie, the Manager of SUNY Upstate's Campus Web Technology group, will present on how his team’s uses one Template and one Content Type to handle their entire website. Prior to implementing their new site, the team created a single responsive Super Page capable of containing global information, then ran a web services script to convert their site to a responsive design. Their new Super Page can be placed in any SUNY site and will display branding information specific to that site without any modifications or put in any folder to display folder-specific information with no customizations needed. The page can even be configured with different layouts, displaying either the default left/right column or customized content. Non-technical users aren’t hemmed into a single design; instead they can mix up their page output by selecting content blocks from block choosers. SUNY’s Super Page is an impressive feat that gives content contributors maximum flexibility while reducing workload and strain on his team.

Want to learn how to create a single template that can let you get ahead of the ever increasing needs of your end users? Be sure to attend Linda’s and David’s sessions!

And if you haven’t already registered for this year’s Cascade User Conference, sign up today!

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