CUC15 Session Spotlight: Velocity

By Kat Liendgens — Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 at 9:00am

CUC15 Spotlight: Velocity

As you know, Cascade Server supports both XSLT and Velocity as transformation languages. In fact, you can even use both on the same page. Many of our customers who started out using XSLT have been transitioning to Velocity due to its efficiency and relatively low learning curve. It’s no surprise that a lot of the presentations at this year’s Cascade User Conference will touch on Velocity. Let’s take a look at some sessions that specifically focus on it.

Java, JSP, and Velocity

Wing Ming Chan, Web Developer at Upstate Medical University, simply named his presentation: “Java, JSP, and Velocity”. Those of you who have attended one of Wing Ming’s sessions at previous user conferences know to expect a fairly technical and also hilarious presentation. He will talk about how Velocity scripts and JSP pages can be used to access Java classes deployed in Cascade Server. Wing Ming will also discuss how to use Velocity to invoke web services or XSLT and how to use JSP pages to display table contents as API documentation.

Velocity How-To

One of our customers, Jamie Johnson of James Madison University, has become such a fan of and expert in Velocity that he wrote his own book on the subject. Since we have had a lot of requests to include “how-to” sessions, we thought that this was an excellent opportunity for Jamie to show (and share) pertinent code examples and give attendees time for in-depth Q&A.

Use of Template Formats in Flexible Website Implementations

Jay Mercer, who is the Assistant Director and Lead Developer at Indiana University, will host a session entitled “Use of Template Formats in Flexible Website Implementations”. The use of the techniques covered in his presentation have been a game changer for IU. Jay’s presentation will provide an overview of how to transition to template formats and a description of how those formats can be used to enable movement of page elements during transformation. In addition, he will talk about how template formats can be used to optimize page creation by streamlining the creation of common page elements, like page title, breadcrumb and page headers by outputting multiple elements using same index block. It should be noted that this presentation will be equally pertinent to users of XSLT and Velocity.

Velocity Accelerated

Our very own Kelly Truong, Services Developer, didn’t want to miss an opportunity to share her Velocity expertise. In her presentation, “Velocity Accelerated”, Kelly will help you get your Velocity skills up to speed. She’ll cover an overview of advanced Velocity tools, such as the Locator Tool and the Query Tool. Learn about their advantages and limitations and pick up helpful tips and tricks along the way.

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